We are first and foremost Divers. But we climb mountains, we swim with whalesharks, we go white water rafting too! Anilao is our diving home but we have been here, there and everywhere. From the canyons of Puerto Galera to the wrecks of Coron, the underwater wonders of Dumaguete, the walls of Tubbataha and the corners of Palau! If it’s a place to dive, we will find it.

We take pride in our safe diving practices under the guidance of our dive instructor Dave E. Santos who has certified over a thousand divers to date.

If you are not a scuba diver yet and thinking of becoming one, why not be one of us and discover not only the many wonders of the sea but the unparalleled camaraderie that the Diveshoppe family share.

Through this blog we aim:

  • to spread the love for SCUBA Diving
  • to share our experiences as divers
  • to preserve the memories of the Diveshoppe family
  • to promote our businesses, diving related or not
  • to communicate with each other online
  • to meet more friends and extend the Diveshoppe family
  • to share our safe diving practices and other important information
  • to promote environmental awareness

🙂 – 🙂 – 🙂 – BE ONE OF US – 🙂 – 🙂 – 🙂

tiara-1.jpg t29.jpg hash1.jpg dsc08699.jpg jomi.jpg remy-tara.jpg ali.jpg coh.jpg wax.jpg jen.jpg mikki.jpg dolly.jpg puerto8.jpg anthony.jpg vic.jpg tata.jpg mike.jpg tricia.jpg jingle.jpg grace1.jpg arlene.jpg robert.jpg mark.jpg tanya.jpg badjao.jpg steve-grace.jpg joseph-larger.jpg brian.jpg adel.jpg charles1.jpg charlea1.jpg charissa1.jpg charmaine1.jpg chester.jpg marivic.jpg scott.jpg ferdie1.jpg coo1.jpg manuel.jpg jamie-jun.jpg manager1.jpg eric.jpg emily.jpg wesley.jpg pamela.jpg john-dluna.jpg isw77.jpg angie.jpg camcam-escano-kids.jpg aldine-mariel.jpg angela.jpg kas.jpg ckas-tara.jpg hakki.jpg albert.jpg anton.jpg jett.jpg bong.jpg gina2.jpg jaddie.jpg steve.jpg wowie-suzette.jpg richie.jpg elmer.jpg sergie.jpg carol-1.jpg alan.jpg ronnie.jpg manny.jpg len.jpg nap.jpg rose.jpg mike-r.jpg jb.jpg tricia-r.jpg rey-arnel.jpg tokwa.jpg jojo-r.jpg jaypee.jpg arlene.jpg dood.jpg hashana.jpg mike-kay-02.jpg minnie.jpg polly1.jpg sharon-paul.jpg virgil.jpg roy.jpg dood.jpg arnel.jpg angelo.jpg mike-bona.jpg juliann.jpg udette.jpg angel.jpg arnell.jpg hazel.jpg gedo.jpg dawn1.jpg rogi.jpg rupert.jpg andrew.jpg celine.jpg kevin.jpg migo.jpg mika.jpg monette.jpg robin.jpg lily.jpg harley.jpg

Our apologies to those whose pictures are not yet posted.
Please send us your underwater pictures if you are one of us at pazsantos@gmail.com or lea_alissa@yahoo.com
Don’t forget to check out the Pages section on the top side of the blog for more snapshots.

Do visit Diveshoppe multiply for more pictures and videos. If you would like to share your underwater pictures and videos you may upload them on this LINK.

Photography: Remy, Coh, Tanya, Albert, Fritz, Tom, Ernan, Alvin, John, Jonet, Orly, Dave & Paz



  1. wow at last i am able to access this site!!!!
    anyway just wanna say thank you to diveshoppe specially dave santos and all the others (you know who you are sorry haba na if i say all the names) for showing the wonderful world of diving.

    hope the proxy site im using wont get blocked soon..

    dying to go back home and dive… just a few months left… see ya

  2. Hi Chester, glad you were able to access the site. When are you due to come back to the PI.?
    see you soon

  3. finally, i was able to visit our site… kinda hectic with the bar… anyways, it was nice reminiscin all the good times we had on our dives while viewing the pics… will be actively participating on this… i have lots of pictures of our dives and get togethers… hope to dive with you guys soon… i miss all of you… to paz and ali, congrats for a job well done… keep it up… just text or call me when the meeting for CDP will take place… thanks…

  4. WOW… FINALLY… We have a website already.. Congrats to Tita paz ( balita ko late ka na umuuwi dahil dito..) and Ali.. Job well done.. More Power and God Bless….

  5. Teka… parang… wala yata ako picture dito… Hmmmmm….

  6. Meron kang picture diyan..hanapin mo..

  7. Picture mo pre (jett) ka hilera ni albert and jomi

  8. ay …hindi pala si Jomi yon….kahilera mo si albert and anton.

  9. walaaaaa po…. hay…

  10. check mo ulit 🙂

  11. ano ka ba Jett, yun may balloon o!

    nauna kasi violent reaction…..

  12. Si bong yun e.. hahaha… actually di ko alam kung ako yun… hahaha….

  13. Double click on the picture to get a bigger view 🙂
    I changed the original picture, pero sabi ni Dave ikaw iyon at hindi si Bong.

  14. for sure ill be back in the p.i this xmas. can’t wait to get back

    how’s life there? it sucks here cant even go to the pool coz its dirty and crowded

  15. Uy mga pipol.. We have a dive sked na for CORON (Wreck Diving) “Full penetration” (Gunter’s Cathedral) “Cave Diving” (Barracuda Lake) “kakaiba” fresh water kasi… Ang saya nito… ANd siempre party every night.. An experience you shouln’t miss

  16. wow, may picture akooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks ate paz and ninong albert!

  17. Dave kelan po ang International Coastal Cleanup natin?

  18. September 22 dapat Jonet. May utang pa ako sayong footage…pasencia.

  19. pag libre na po kayo..salamat

  20. Hey Mike, I just posted your picture with Kaye taken by Albert in this post (About). I did not receive the pictures you sent through my gmail account. Kindly resend the pictures. Thanks 🙂

  21. thanks for the picture ate paz.
    see you again sa clean up natin. sana maraming sumama. sana sumama si waxman.

    WAXMAN: sumama ka naman at para may kasama kaming matanda.

    thanks david!

    long live diveshoppe!

  22. Thanks a lot Paz for including my pictures. Nice to know from you na may website na tayo.

  23. I try my best to post the pictures of Diveshoppe family members if I have them. Do check on our website from time to time so you’re updated with our dive schedules and other news 🙂

  24. Wow! I didn’t realize you have a big family here! This site is fantastic! Thanks for posting my pic!

  25. Roy email mo daw kay Paz yung picture that John took of you with your camera. Reduce mo lang sa 640x 280. Download mo narin sa diveshoppe multiply yung ibang mga shots mo.

  26. Hi Roy. I saw your pictures on Diveshoppe multiply and uploaded it already. Added a bit color and your name. Check it out in the Pages section under Anilao – Mainit point.
    Dive tayo ulit 🙂

  27. Oh cool!
    Stopped by to say Jello!
    Also noticed you were using WordPress so thought I’d drop off this link.
    Maybe of some use to you 😉
    Just click on the WordPress image when you get to my site.
    Huggles to you all!

  28. Thanks for dropping off our link.
    Cheers to more visits 🙂

  29. WOW!!!!! This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I was just browsing a homework topic for diving and typed Diveshoppe! SUPER GALING!!!!! Miss ko na mag-DIVE :((
    Happy Birthday to Miggy and Doods!!!!

  30. is that you tita dolly? last time tayo magkasama Coron ata? (this is ali btw)

  31. Thank you Tita Dolly. Happy Birthday to Miggy also. Kamusta na kayo dyan?

  32. Today is ALBERT & ALDINE’s birthday.

  33. nay, bakit wala picture ni odette? certified na siya. 🙂

  34. Sir Ok na ba yung raw file?

  35. Hi ate paz, ganda ng website….going through it made me realize how much i’ve missed… dami ko na di kilala…haaay… really nice to know na growing family talaga ( what makes us different from the other groups )…nakakamiss kayo…submit ako pics natin sa Moal Boal once i fiind them ha…will keep in touch…

  36. Hi Dolly….Why aren’t you joining us this Dec. 8-9 for our Xmas party, dIVE and Outreach? Been texting you wala ka sagot….sama ka!!!

  37. I’m so happy to see myself at your website!!! Finally I’m a certified PADI already!!!! Go Westmonsters!!! 😀 Sir Dave your the best!!! Hello to Mam Ali and Mam Paz!!!


  39. Belated Happy Birthday Ali…I just saw your comment from 3 mos. ago! Did you finally take Fine Arts? Kamusta ka na rin? Yep CORON was the best….sana maulit ulit! Before I even get so ‘lola’ and can’t dive anymore….lol

  40. Also…Happy Happy Birthday JINGLE!!!!!

  41. Belated Happy Birthday ALI!!!!

  42. hi, i just want to ask if anyone know a resort in ticao, masbate? my friends and i are planning to dive there this summer. we are from manila. if u have any suggestions on w/c resort and dive sites to go to pls email me at markngkaion@gmail.com tnx so much


  44. Just click on her pic then save as 🙂

  45. Oh just had to stop by again 😀

    Just found this…
    Please vote for Tubbataha Reef!

    Voting for nominees will continue through 31.12.08.
    A New7Wonders Panel
    of Experts will then select the 21 finalists, from which voters
    worldwide will elect the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

    You can find my review on my stubmles at this url

    So far Tubbataha is listed as no.8!
    Click that button!

  46. hi people!! congrats pala ate paz hayaan mo sasali narin ako dyan see ya

  47. Hi Jingle. Dapat sumama ka na sa mga underwater paparazzi sessions para magamit mo naman ang underwater camera mo 🙂

  48. Hi Dave & Paz, Hope to see your Visayas report and pics soon !!! See you next weekend po…

  49. Hi diveshoppe,

    I’m making a “how to get to anilao” video, and was looking online for an intro for it. Your anilao discription is well written. Can I use it on my video?


  50. Hi Noel,
    Thanks for visiting our site. and for the compliment. Sure you may use my write-up on Anilao for your video. Anilao is our favorite playground too and your video will help promote the place further. Diveshoppe’s glad to be of help to fellow divers.

  51. Great site….lots of things to see and learn…what a big group….more power to you all

    If you guys find time surfing you can check out my site in Multiply: http://kedsdomingo.multiply.com/

  52. guys guys guys… bat wala pa picture ko dito? haha. hey thanks for a fun weekend. can’t wait to dive again, i need to practice. 🙂

    see you guys soon.


  53. Hi Agnes…welcome!!! Ya konte lang dive mo!!

  54. tama! so dapat di na ako uminom ng anti-hilo ko and si kay, dapat di na uminom from 5pm to 1am!!!!!

  55. Look again Agnes, i just posted your picture. Kaso isa pa lang. I will post the rest soon…promise:)

  56. oh my i look like a drunk fish.

  57. anyone intrested in diving in ticao manta bowl pls email me at reubenfeffer0117@yahoo.com

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