We are first and foremost Divers. But we climb mountains, we swim with whalesharks, we go white water rafting too! Anilao is our diving home but we have been here, there and everywhere too. From the canyons of Puerto Galera to the wrecks of Coron, the walls of Tubbataha and the corners of Palau! If it’s a place to dive, we will find it. We take pride in our safe diving practices under the guidance of our dive instructor Dave E. Santos who has certified over a thousand divers to date.

If you are not a scuba diver yet and thinking of becoming one, why not be one of us and discover not only the many wonders of the sea but the unparalleled camaraderie that the Diveshoppe family share.

Be one of us šŸ™‚

tiara-1.jpg t29.jpg hash2.jpg jomi.jpg remy-tara.jpg tata.jpg ali.jpg coh.jpg wax.jpg jen.jpg mikki.jpg dolly.jpg hash1.jpg polly-virgil.jpg vic.jpg dsc08699.jpg mike.jpg tricia.jpg jingle.jpg dood1.jpg mark.jpg tanya.jpg badjao.jpg steve-grace.jpg joseph-larger.jpg brian.jpg adel.jpg charles1.jpg charlea1.jpg charissa1.jpg charmaine1.jpg chester.jpg marivic.jpg scott.jpg ferdie1.jpg coo1.jpg manuel.jpg jamie-jun.jpg manager1.jpg eric.jpg emily.jpg wesley.jpg pamela.jpg john-dluna.jpg alvin1.jpg angie.jpg camcam-escano-kids.jpg aldine-mariel.jpg angela.jpg kas.jpg ckas-tara.jpg hakki.jpg albert.jpg anton.jpg jett1.jpg bong.jpg gina2.jpg jaddie.jpg steve.jpg wowie-suzette.jpg richie.jpg elmer.jpg sergie.jpg carol.jpg alan.jpg ronnie.jpg manny.jpg len.jpg nap.jpg rose.jpg mike-r.jpg jb.jpg tricia-r.jpg rey-arnel.jpg tokwa.jpg robert.jpg

Our apologies to those whose pictures are not yet posted.
Please send us your underwater pictures if you are one of us at pazsantos@gmail.com or lea_alissa@yahoo.com
Don’t forget to check out the Pages section on the top side of the blog for more snapshots.

Do visit Diveshoppe multiply for more pictures and videos. If you would like to share your underwater pictures and videos you may upload them on this LINK.

Photography: Remy, Coh, Tanya, Albert, Fritz, Tom, Ernan, Alvin, Dave & Paz

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