I ‘googled’ Diveshoppe..

My boss is obviously away on a trip..else, I would not have time for this..Here’s what Google has on Diveshoppe:

Blue dreams at Coron

Welcome to Diveshoppe Online

Full Moon Divers

Geocities on Diveshoppe

Of course that was only on the first page. (I was too lazy to look at everything..) This site did not appear yet. But with the growing number of hits, it will be there soon. 🙂


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  1. I’ve read the article previously. It’s written by Tals Diaz, another student of Dave, who writes articles for the PDI. Speaking of Coron, please get in touch with Dave for those who are interested, so he can make the necessary arrangement. Coron Dives are usually done during the weekends. Leave Friday night for Coron via the super ferry, the following morning you are in Coron, you first check in the resort then 2 to 3 dives then the following day another 2 to 3 dives. You can do lots of thing wreck diving (sunken WW II Japanese vessels), cave diving (Gunther’s Cathedral), Barracuda Lake diving, kayaking in the mangroves, lazing in the hot springs,if there’s more time, visit the island of Calauit for some giraffe, wild deer and zebra sightings and if your into rock climbing you can also climb the limestone cliffs. So what are you waiting for… SIGN UP NA 🙂

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