Virgil and Poly

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Everyone knows that the Diveshoppe family will not be complete without our dear friends/boatmen, Poly and Virgil.

They have played a huge part in all the Anilao dives. They are such precious boatmen that when we go diving elsewhere, they are sorely missed. They know how to take care of us, because they were taught by the best instructor in the universe – Dave Santos. But what’s education without care and consideration? These two guys, Poly and Virgil know what it means to care.

I have been diving since 1999. I was thin and frail. I had difficulty putting on my teen-pound weight belt. Virgil, then a very shy young man, always helped me out. Sometimes we talk about our past smaller sizes, like it was all such a long time ago. (and it was..hahaha)

I remember being so afraid of the waves. Poly told me it was just the wind. Poly always told me where the current was going. He still tells me even now. It amazes me how he can tell. Poly is unlike any boatman I have known. We fondly call him Kapitan (captain). A term of endearment as well as respect, because Poly can drop you right smack in the spot you want on any dive site. He can even get the bearing right on a cloudy day. His eagle eyes are precious for people like me who like diving in the Mapating Cave and the New Reef.

I think it’s really cool that Coh and Remy picked them to man the Go-Div-A-Dive boat. 🙂 That boat is in great hands.

Virgil was my Rescue Diver course classmate. He is cool underwater as he is on the boat. I’ve gone diving with him many times. What I would give to be as brave as he is. But you know, Poly is an even better diver. He free dives to go spearfishing. I cannot free-dive deeper than 15 feet. I would starve to death on an island. Poly can go spearfishing without mask and fins even. I imagine he is probably half-fish in secret, with hidden gills behind his ears or something..a merman. I’ve been accused of not breathing because of the little air I consume when I dive, but my goodness, I cannot go without a tank like Poly does.

This weekend I finally met Virgil’s special girl and the latest addition to the Diveshoppe family, Poly’s son, Paul Vincent Napoles. Virgil thinks there was a baby swap at the hospital because the baby is on the fair skinned side and has a different nose. But the dad was ecstatic because he has a son at last.

So you see, our boatmen are really special. They make our dives safer. They make our dives more enjoyable. They contributed much to my growth as a person and a diver. My yellow notebook is proof of what Poly and Virgil taught me (along with Elmer, Badjao and most of all, Tatay Dave’s teachings).

(posted by: Ali)

Photography: Albert & Paz  (Anilao, Batangas, Philippines)


  1. el Capitan Vigil and Poly pocket hahaha cgong si mikki ito…ayos ba tayo diyan

  2. Hey Mikki. Padala ka naman ng underwater pics niyo ni Dolly kung meron ka at iyong iba pa nating gimmicks na nakunan mo. Pwede mong upload sa diveshoppe multiply kung marami. Kumusta na ?

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