Itoy, the “dancing boy” who inhabits the cubicle behind me, was kind enough to lend me a copy of his MOBILE magazine this afternoon because he knew that an article about underwater photography will interest me.  I find the article appealing and enlightening. Indulge me as I share with you excerpts from Cristina de Leon’s “underwater notes”…

Important Do’s and Don’ts

1. Get low and shoot up to place the subject against an uncluttered background.

2. Get as close as possible to the subject, whether shooting wide angle or macro.

3. Dive with strobes and position them at an angle to light the subject and decrease back scatter.

4. Check accesibility of the subject.

5. Visualize the picture in your head before approaching subject.

6. Research on the dive site you are visiting.

7. Engage in responsible diving.

8. Practice your breathing and your bouyancy.

9. Keep your hose and gauges clipped close to your body.

10. No picture is worth your life.

11. Practice makes perfect.

12. Remember to have fun!

If you are interested to find out more ways to improve your underwater photography, get the latest issue (May-June) of the magazine and read “Below Sea Level”.

Thanks Itoy 🙂
Text & Photography: Paz Santos

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