666 HITS

red-starfish.jpg th_dsc08265.jpg img_8489-copy.jpg

666 hits today May 31, 5:10 pm (5+1+0 = 6 ).

Ali and I started posting on this site last May 16, 11:40 am (1+1+4+0 = 6 ).
And after only 16 days, this blog has 666 hits already.

What’s with the number 6 anyway.

Well for one thing, 6 is my favorite number.

I was born after 6 siblings.

If you add my birthdate in numerology it adds up to 6 (7+1+4+1+9+6+5 = 6).

Oops… now you know my age 🙂 Again which when added sums up to __?

I was born exactly 4:20 AM (again 4+2+0 = 6).

My birthweight was 2,220 grams (2+2+2 = 6).

My birth certificate number adds up to 6.

My Mom’s age when she gave birth to me was 33 (3+3 = 6)

while my Dad’s age was 51 (5+1 = 6 )

COINCIDENCE??? I don’t think so…
I’m the original 666 … that’s what my husband claims.

Anyway, thanks for visiting our blog 🙂

I can’t wait until we get 6,666 hits!!!

I hope you noticed the 6 armed starfish above 🙂

Photography : Tanya Enrile & Paz Santos


  1. six must be your lucky number! 😀

  2. I guess so…Itaya ko kaya sa Lotto…:)

  3. If you want more hits. two words…naked divers.. peace ate Paz.

  4. i thought i overheard your hubby say sexy not six. kiddin… go go for the 6,666!

  5. This website is for GP only!!!
    Hey Vic, buti pa sumama ka na mag-dive. Si Jingle at Bong, nag-underwater photography na last weekend sa Puerto Galera. Will be posting their pics soon.

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