Eye to Eye

Spots and dots and a span wider than my arms could ever reach. It was huge! And my pounding heart would not be still!

I finally succumbed to curiosity and dove down to meet the big fish face to face. (Well, technically, it’s not a fish..but it swims in the water and it lives there..so for me it’s still a fish. And this is not open to argument. Similar to me believing that the moon is made of green cheese. but the moon made of cheese is stuff for another day.)

Ah, I was too slow. My legs could only take me so far so fast. *sigh* I saw the huge eyeball though. HUGE. Might be a size between the golf ball and the tennis ball. I can’t really tell. I was too busy being in awe of it that I could not even get my brain to function right.

HUGE! and that black eye! I was too afraid to be run over, to even attempt to swim right in front of it to see if it will change paths seeing that I have obstructed it’s way..

I want to do it again.

I wonder when we will ever go back to Donsol for the whaleshark swim….*sigh* I need better photos..all we got was spots and dots.

(originally posted in Ali Undone)

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