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Huh? Are you kidding me? WHALE SHARK in ANILAO? Yeah right…

Apparently these shots were taken by two divers while diving in MAINIT two weekends ago. At first I did not believe the news until I saw the pictures e-mailed by Albert. No, the pictures were not taken by Albert. They were taken by Linda and Perry and was sent to him by Joel of Solana.

This is not the first time that I’ve heard of whale shark sighting in Anilao. I’ve read an article somewhere about how Gutsy Tuason missed the opportunity of seeing and taking photos of a whale shark because he was too busy taking macro shots near the Sombrero island. His companions however saw it and followed the whale shark without telling him.

Whale shark sighting in Anilao is very welcome news as this will generate more interest on the place. In fact, I can’t wait to dive in Anilao again, just in case I get that opportunity to see a whale shark again while diving.

I cannot forget the thrill and elation I felt the first time I saw a whale shark in Tubbataha way back 2005. Albert & I were lagging behind the group because I had trouble with one of my fin straps…it got broken… and Albert fixed it temporarily (Thanks for being a lifesaver, buddy 🙂 ) Prior to that, I saw a huge napoleon wrasse the size of a small car and motioned to him to take its picture as we followed it in a shallow cave. Unfortunately it was too quick and exited through another hole before he can take a shot. We were so excited and couldn’t wait to tell the others what we encountered. The suddenly, right in front of us was a bigger fish. Our companions were motionless on the reef apparently astounded and awed by the sight of this giant. I hurriedly approached it, completely forgetting that my fin strap was broken. Albert took a couple of shots while I advanced towards the whale sharks’ tail. The sight was unbelievable and I can see dots everywhere. Thinking that I was just dreaming, I suddenly had the urge to reach for the tail just so I can prove that what I was seeing was real and not a figment of our mass hallucination (pazaway talaga! very bad example… please… do not do this!!!). And lo, the whale shark apparently did not like getting touched and with one flick of it’s massive tail it was gone. I tried to swim after it but it was against the current. As I gave up the chase, it suddenly occurred to me that my fin strap was broken…tsk…tsk…tsk…

After that magical encounter, we started shouting and raising our arms and dancing underwater, unaware that Dave (who was with the Diveshoppe “kidlets”) had encountered it earlier and was able to capture it on video. It was the ultimate diving experience for me. It would be another story though if I see a fleet of hammerheads…Holy Galapagos!!!

P.S. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the the Diveshoppe Dad’s out there!!!


  1. Hay naku Paz… you had to remind me… sooooooo sad and inis I missed that particular dive!!!! Maybe next time!

  2. There will always be a next time…baka nga sa Anilao pa lang, makakita na tayo eh. Kaya nga dapat dive lang ng dive so we get more chances to see the whale shark. There’s a nitrox and advance check out dive this coming June 24 & 25, baka gusto ninyong sumama. There’s also Donsol…next year gawa ulit tayo ng trip, we will take the plane this time so it’s more convenient 🙂

  3. at least Joms, you skipped the dive..me, I was parked behind a rock..with a glaring Remy in front of me..hahahaha…She’s so protective of us kids..(I was with tiara and adel and kristine)

  4. well Ali at least you were under water with the fishies….. that beats being on the boat feeling dizzy. May araw rin yang whale shark na yan… someday mag kikita rin kami eye to eye!! (How I wish that day comes soon)

  5. According to Virgil, there’s another whale shark sighting in Anilao. The whale shark frightened a fisherman who was tending his catch. I did not get enough details as to the exact location and date of the sighting.

  6. Jomi is right … we will get to see that elusive whale shark in Anilao one of these days. To see the shark, we do need to dive dive dive … 🙂

  7. There’s another whaleshark sighting in Anilao last weekend. Dencio Catienza and his group saw it at Bubbles while they were doing their safety stop . The whaleshark which was around 20 feet in length was swimming at a depth of 10 – 20 feet. They were able to take video and photos of the whaleshark. The encounter lasted for more than 20 minutes. This is the third time I’ve heard of whaleshark sighting in Anilao since last June. Dave already made a reservation at the Planet Dive Resort this coming weekend. Hopefully the typhoon won’t spoil the plan. Get in touch with Dave if you want to join us. Those who are diving this weekend , please bring tongs and shovel just in case we still see the COTS in Arthur’s and the other divesites. Tara na, DIVE NA TAYO 🙂

  8. I have just posted the Anilao whaleshark sighting video. Check out the Video section.
    Yipee were going to the Anikao tonight. See you there tomorrow 🙂
    Hi! Kay, pagaling ka agad.
    Sorry Albert 😦 but were going to the beach…

  9. wow! Ayos ah. 🙂 Ginanahan ulit ako magdive.

  10. wow! actually im ma noobie diver. just got my cert a couple of months ago. but we have our own dive resort (private) in anilao. and we saw a whale shark too. ^__^

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