I hope you like the new look of the DIVESHOPPE blog. I surfed through the different themes and this caught my fancy. Personally, I think the new look captures the true essence of DIVESHOPPE…


P.S. As suggested by Albert, we will continue to change the photo header from time to time. So send in your photos to or Please make sure to resize your photos to 640 x280 pixels or less than 100 kb for easier uploading.



  1. Just when I was just getting the hang of the old site, Kapoww! I need to learn a new one. You could try widening the menus on the left side , especially the “say it ” section because it looks a bit confusing or did I just have a drink too much. Hic! Would be nice if all the underscored words (links) were just on one side of the page, para madali mag navigate. That’s what you get when you get older, lazy… but I like white on black. More readable without visual aids.

  2. I’m still new to ‘blogging’. In fact, as old as this blog site. I’m not sure if I can widen the margin on the left side. Ali, would you know how to widen it? I think the arrangement of the sidebars comes with the theme, unless I start from scratch. I hope we can fix your concern, otherwise, you’ll have to get used to it…until I finally figure it out or decide to change the look again πŸ™‚

  3. This is a nice look. πŸ™‚ (I am so proud of your work Nay!)
    If we get a pay-site we can make more custom changes. Nay, Ate Tiara is good at html (that’s the computer language that allows you to make all these changes..) she can help us helpless old geezers..

    doc orly, I am happy that you make an effort to visit the site! πŸ™‚ (incidentally, do you have Jonet’s email address?? I kind of need something from him..some graphics thing..if you have his number, send to me also?

  4. You can get his email addy when you enter the admin page under comments. Email ko na rin sa iyo.

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