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CONGRATULATIONS!!! to the 1st batch of DIVESHOPPE National Geographic Divers Albert Godinez, Jomi Chuidian, Orly de Leon & Jonet Carpio for successfully presenting their video on the Barge and Twin Rocks (Anilao’s best divesite to date). The activity was celebrated at the Party Ave, and attended by its manager & fellow diver John de Luna and the “not geo”divers Gina Flores & Gloria twins and the soon to be diver JB Liclican.

The video presentation of the 1st batch of NAT GEO’S was done with impeccable taste and they have set a high standard for the next batch. No worries… as there are other techno savvy and equally skilled Diveshoppe divers waiting to be discovered.

Looking forward to the video presentation of Coh & Remy, who were not able to make it last night. Get well soon guys 🙂

You may also view a teaser of Jonet & Orly’s Nat Geo Video by visiting this LINK.


  1. Para palang “Phil Star or Inquirer” ang site na ito. Instant news kaagad. Goods news really travel fast and even faster if you have Paz infront of the PC. Congrats to all my chartered Nat Geo batchmates . Iba na talaga ang First Batch! Right guys? Don’t really want to say this but we just raised the bar… este standards. I am sure the succeeding batches can surpass it. Pagawa niyong lang ang editing kina Jonet and Albert.
    By the way, I didn’t hear Dave sing. It’s probably because I had to leave early. Dave, I am looking forward to your new carreer as a singer. We can probably do a duet one day.

  2. We try to keep the blog updated para hindi kayo ma-bore. And of course, the activity was newsworthy kaya nga press release agad. We hope to inspire the rest of the Diveshoppe family to rise up to the challenge that the first batch has set.
    By the way, everyone is invited to John de Luna’s birthday party celebration tomorrow night (Saturday) at the Party Ave. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN !!!

  3. Yes Doc!!! Kumanta si Dave pag alis mo. Bale ikaw nag first set… si Dave second set…It was fun, just dont know what time the party ended?

  4. HEHE…nag lakas loob lang doc……kailangan medyo tipsy na bago mapa kanta hehe. Pero limited masyado repertoire ko. Pag-nakainum na, medyo dumadami na…hehe Had a great time …CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN TO BATCH NUMBER 1!!!

  5. CONGRATS to the nats, nots and the nuts! Hope to join the next nat geo batch guys!!

  6. You’re most welcome to join the next batch of Nat Geo’s Ricky 🙂 Anyone else geared up for the challenge?

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