WWF-Philippines on ‘Death in Anilao’


I am posting the reply of Mr. Ricardo Sandalo of WWF regarding the email I sent him about the recent illegal fishing activities in Anilao, particularly in the municipality of Tingloy.

If you want to find out more about the WWF-Philippines and help in their conservation efforts, please click on this LINK.

Let us be vigilant in reporting illegal and anti-conservation activities to the concerned parties.
Hi Ms. Santos,

Thank you very much for this information and for the concern. I shall forward this to the newly installed Mayor of Tingloy. The dive sites you mentioned are all within the jurisdiction of the local government of Tingloy.

As you may be aware, WWF have been advocating that coastal resources management (CRM), specially “protection” must be a primary concern of local government units, with the support of course of various stakeholders like yourself (the diving sector), the environmental NGOs (like us, WWF), among others. The support from the divers through the conservation fee is very much widely recognized and acknowledged. I must admit however, that although Mabini and Tingloy are already considered as “advance” compared to other LGUs in Batangas or even the country, relative to CRM initiatives, much are still to be desired, i.e. lapses of the Bantay Dagat (whom WWF have painstakingly trained and supported materially during their early stages), mis-prioritization by the LGU and the CRMB in the utilization of the trust fund, and many more. Nevertheless, we, from WWF, have committed to continue on assisting, encouraging, supporting (sometimes materially, if we have), and advising these LGUs, and facilitating better interaction between LGUs and other stakehodlers, until such time that they themselves have perfected and excelled in the implementation of CRM. Your support through the conservation fee and through “reminders” such as your email, will surely make a long way, in this regard.

Mabini and Tingloy have a new set of leadership (new Mayors) after the May elections. The other day, we had a courtesy call with the Mayor of Tingloy to renew our commitment of support and partnership, and we reminded him to focus on basically two things: greater percentage for Bantay Dagat from the trust fund (which he concurred instantly), and immediate installation of mooring buoys along dive sites as repeatedly requested by the divers. He committed to immediately reorganize and convene Tingloy’s CRM Board, and invite WWF to be a regular member of said Board (FYI, WWF was not a regular member of Tingloy’s CRMB during the previous administration). We are hoping to see a pro-active LGU relative to CRM this time around, fingers crossed. Next week, we are set to meet the new Mayor of Mabini. We also hope that he will surpass his predecessor relative to CRM, again fingers crossed.

Sana, di ka magsawang magmatyag sa nangyayari sa ating kapaligiran at magpa-abot ng puna at mungkahi upang ang mga kinauukulan ay mapabuti pa ang kanilang serbisyo sa bayan at sa kalikasan.


Riki Sandalo


  1. I finally saw the Tingloy Bantay Dagat last Sunday when we went diving in Sepok this weekend. They were riding a small banca. Their original outrigger is in dire need of repair so they ‘borrowed’ the small banca. The buoy in Sepok is missing. The following day, Monday, I also saw a small banca fishing near the buoy of Cathedral. Dave had to shout at him before he reacted and moved his banca away from the sanctuary. Same thing happened in Mainit. It seems that sightings of small bancas fishing on sanctuaries and dive sites usually happen on a weekday when there are few diving activities. It would be good if the Bantay Dagat would continue patrolling the area even if it’s a weekday.

  2. what wwf needs to acknowledge is their failure to really encourage volunteerism amongst the bantay-dagat. from what i heard, they refuse to patrol without honorarium. in other areas, bantay-dagats start out as volunteers and getting paid to guard their marine resources comes later on

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