Aquamundo Sponsors Regulator Repair Seminar

Yesterday Dave Santos, John De Luna, and I, attended a free regulator repair seminar in Makati. There were about a dozen attendees, mostly diving instructors. The seminar was held to promote Aquamundo regulators and familiarize instructors with basic regulator repair and maintenance. 

Aquamundo owner Ralph Espino introduced the new line of O2 tanks and the upcoming line of Aquamundo products named Aroq. I wish he showed us photos and actual products to give us an idea of what they looked like instead of describing their product lines. The O2 tanks were laid out on the table so everyone had a good look.

The seminar was  scheduled at 2pm – 4pm, but we started at 3pm. There were four sets of equipment, with the ratio of four students per set. We were showed how to disassemble and assemble regulators. A lecture and demonstration was given by Alex – the Aquamundo technician. They also provided us with a manual that showed exploded views of the regulators. Alex showed us how to check for pressure using special tools, including ways of adjusting the pressure.

I will not bore  you all with the other technical details. Suffice it to say that John and I took apart two sets of first and second stages, and put them back together again. (yay! Dave helped us out some…but mostly watched us in our befuddlement.) The seminar ended after five, and closed with the signing of our certificates and a class photo. 🙂

(tay, can we have a copy of that photo? also, if you have Ralph’s email, please send it to me so I can send him a link to this advertisement o. :))


  1. xrumer is the best tool for promotion!
    It’s have CAPTCHA recognizer, email verificator, and a lot of other functions…

    But. I forgot link to it 😦

    Can you give me URL to the XRumer description? screenshots, etc.

    Thank you

  2. Regulator repair sounds really interesting

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