6,666 HITS

At last we reached 6,666 hits after only 2 months and 1 week since the very first post. Thanks to all of you dear readers for your vigilance in visiting our site and for generously sharing your thoughts. I already upgraded to 1 GB of memory so I can posts more pictures and articles. I’m now looking forward to… 66,666 hits πŸ™‚

P.S. Just in case you haven’t noticed, I posted pictures of The Cathedral in the Pages section. Check it out!!!


  1. Congrats! Medyo matagal-tagal lang ata to get to 66,666 but at the rate we are going, I estimate that it would take around 20 months or even less. Marami pang mga dives yun and tons of articles to write. Anyway, enjoy naman ako going over them and learning and discovering something new. Regards and congratulation again.

  2. Maasahan ka talaga Doc Orly. Sana hindi ka magsawa magbasa ng mga articles natin. By the way pa-share naman ng mga pictures na kuha mo. I need pictures to post on your recent Tubbataha transition trip. You can upload them in the diveshoppe multiply or maybe you can make one parang kay Jonet. Salamat πŸ™‚

  3. I’m still amazed at the work you put into this site. The constant updates are what makes us come back time and time again. KUDOS and looking forward to more …

  4. Thanks buddy and to INSOMNIA πŸ™‚ Sama ka naman sa dive this weekend.

  5. REALLY!!! Updating is no easy task … plus, you research for material which is really amazing how you find all these tidbits … CONGRATS and keep up the very good work.

    I believe the dive (Minnie, etc) was moved (thanks to me) to Aug 25-26.

    Also, what’s happening to the Concerned Divers and also the Tubba video project???

  6. Balita ko nga, Mark wants more divers to join Minnie’s check-out para daw mas masaya. Regarding Tubbataha video, I’m still waiting for Ms. Angelique’s call and email. About Concerned Divers, Dave still has to set schedule for meeting… Hey Dave, meeting na tayo. Please inform the rest of the founding members!!!
    Again… Thank you πŸ™‚

  7. When Concerned Divers meet … please let us know so we can attend. We’d like to join and hopefully get things going.

  8. Sure Paz, I will just need to learn how to do it ala Jonet. I can burn the photos na lang on CD and pass them on to you para you can select the photos. Some of the photos jonet used kasi on his video were mine and we downloaded it to this lap top during the trip. That is the reason why we had the video by the time we got to Batangas port.

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