Anilao COTS Clean-up

Last weekend, Dave, Albert, Mike M & Kay, Mark & Minnie P, and I had the opportunity to do a COTS clean-up at the Arthur’s Rock and Koala. We collected around 300 COTS, 95 % coming from Koala alone. The COTS in Koala is concentrated at the depth of 10 – 20 feet and there’s still so much area to cover.

If you are planning to dive these particular dive sites, please come prepared with a tong, crate, nylon rope and lift bag or safety tube (dive balloons). Make sure you do a thorough briefing to avoid mishaps and have a game plan to prevent bloopers. Luckily no one got stung by the COTS as we were really concentrated on our tasks but we had our share of blooper… Just as I was about to put the COTS in the crate, it was gone. Albert saw the crate floating…oops…guess what I forgot to do… 🙂

Although we were only a handful, the COTS clean-up was fruitful and a success. Thanks a lot guys!!! I can’t wait to have another clean-up.

You may click on Albert’s Site to read more about our COTS clean-up experience.

cots3.jpg cots9.jpg cots20.jpg cots24.jpg cots30.jpg cots33.jpg cots21.jpg cots1.jpg cots5.jpg cots4.jpg cots6.jpg cots7.jpgcots11.jpg cots12.jpg cots16.jpg cots47.jpg cots48.jpg cots50.jpg cots17.jpg cots19.jpg cots31.jpg cots32.jpg cots34.jpg cots36.jpg cots37.jpg cots38.jpg cots40.jpg cots42.jpg cots44.jpg cots45.jpg cots8.jpg cots13.jpg cots14.jpg cots22.jpg cots18.jpg cots25.jpg cots27.jpg cots35.jpg

PHOTOGRAPHY: Paz Santos & Kay Mañedo (Anilao, Batangas, Philippines)



  1. hey Albert, nawala na naman si Jomi?

  2. He couldn’t make it due to family commitments …

  3. Hi Paz, i just sent the pics on your gmail account. i have more pictures to share from our clean up last weekend once I find time to do it. I’m at work right now pretending to work while i have diving websites open all over the place. Work?!? ->> Yakkkk

  4. You were right Paz … someone did clean up at Arthur’s before us … it was Dennis’ group … they brought up hundreds from the site. We should have headed straight for Koala. 🙂

  5. Checked my email already. Thanks for the pics. Balik ka na sa trabaho!!!
    Good, at least more divers are concerned about the impact of COTS infestation and are doing something about it. Let’s hope other dive groups will do a follow up clean-up in Koala 🙂

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