Stewards of the Sea


As SCUBA DIVERS, we have a role to play in the stewardship of the sea and so we should do our share in the protection and conservation of our marine environment.

Various environmental organizations like the Project Aware and Ocean Conservancy have actively rallied for the conservation of the underwater environment through education, advocacy and action. As in previous years, they are again joining forces in the 22nd International Coastal Clean up this coming September 15, 2007 which will be participated by thousands of volunteers from around the globe to collect trash from shorelines, rivers, lakes, wetlands and underwater.

Trash in Our Ocean Kills Hundreds of Thousands of Birds, Fish and Marine Mammals Every Year Through Ingestion and Entanglement.”

Being stewards of the sea, we should actively participate in coastal clean ups at least once a year. But it will be more effective if we will make a year round effort against marine debris issues by following these simple guidelines:

  • Dispose our trash properly whether inland or near the sea
  • Avoid contaminating the sea by properly disposing toxic pollutants like chemicals, batteries and electronics in recycle centers and not in the open sewers which will eventually find it’s way out into the ocean
  • Refrain from using harmful household chemicals and use environmental friendly chemicals like lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda for household cleaning
  • Use recyclable or cloth bags when doing our groceries to reduce the number of plastic bags we use. Plastic bags can choke marine life when mistaken for food.
  • Avoid buying plastic or Styrofoam products whenever possible
  • Recycle whenever necessary and make effort to reduce our consumption patterns

‘Together we can make a difference if each of us would conscientiously do our part to help make clean waters a reality.”

(Photo was taken last August 5 while diving at Kirby’s Rock. A few feet away, I saw a male underwear…)

REFERENCE: Project Aware & Ocean Conservancy


  1. LOL, nice pic, asan na yung ka partner? diba meron?

  2. Too bad, I cant join you guys this weekend. Inggit!!! Hopefully next time

  3. Hindi ko na nakunan iyong male underwear, walang gustong humawak 🙂
    Sayang nga that you & Kay won’t be able to join us this weekend. Meron pa namang next time. Have a safe trip and balik ka agad!!

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