Coastal Clean-up 101

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Before embarking on a beach or reef clean-up adventure, make sure that you are well equipped with information that is vital to your safety and success of your endeavor.

  • Sign-up only with a group or organization you are familiar with
  • Make sure the site is safe and is accessible
  • Organize the equipment you will be needing like your dive equipment, safety balloon, lifting balloon, trash bags and protective gloves.
  • For beach clean-ups wear comfortable clothing, sturdy and slip proof footwear, protective gloves, hat and make sure to lather plenty of sunblock
  • Review safety precautions and emergency procedures
  • Follow instructions of your team leader or dive master
  • Stick with your team mates or buddy at all times
  • Avoid containers with potentially hazardous substances and report to authorities
  • Handle sharp objects with care
  • Watch out for fishing nets that can cause entanglement and return all marine life found in rubbish back to the water carefully
  • Do not attempt to salvage heavy or dangerous objects unless appropriately trained
  • Avoid damage to marine life, take only the debris that does not have growth on it and check containers for possible residents (crabs, octopus, etc.)
  • Maintain proper buoyancy at all times and don’t forget to clip your octopus and gauges to avoid damaging the reefs
  • Check your air, depth and bottom time every once in a while
  • Record data like the weight of debris collected, length of the beach or dive site cleaned, number of bags filled, most unusual items found etc.
  • Take a souvenir photo of your group with the debris collected
  • Ensure that the rubbish collected is properly disposed and that the site is cleaner than when you arrived

Reference : Project Aware


Jonet will be selling souvenir shirts for our International Coastal Clean-up this weekend.


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