ICC – International Coastal Clean-up



Many thanks to the participants/volunteers of the recently concluded Diveshoppe Family International Coastal Clean-up 2007 conducted in Anilao, Batangas last Saturday, September 8.

We would also like to thank Steve & Grace Chan for providing the tongs as well as Wowie & Carol Sy for providing the mesh sacks used for the clean-up; the efficient staff of Crystal Blue Resort for taking care of disposing the trash & COTS after; our very reliable boatmen Virgil and Polly for providing the support and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Doc Orly, thank you for providing us with the sumptuous dinner and drinks πŸ™‚

The Beach clean-up was done by the Jun, Kas, Hakki Leah, Liam & Hashana; the Underwater Clean-up done by Dave, Charles, Charlea, Charmaine, Charrise, JB, Trisha, Jaddie and Anthony; and the COTS Clean-up done by Paz, Dood, Carol, Wowie, Arnel, Jicky, Steve, Grace, Elmer, Ali, Adel, John, Roy, Jonet, Orly and Gina.

We collected around 20 kilos of debris composed mostly of clothing, shoes and plastics; and harvested more than 1000 COTS from Koala and Eagle Point.

Again, thanks everyone for volunteering your time and effort in doing a worthy cause. Hope we can do it more often πŸ™‚

(There’s a carpet of COTS in front of Eagle Point Resort and we are planning a third COTS clean-up next weekend September 16)

icc1.jpg icc2.jpg icc3.jpg icc4.jpg icc5.jpg icc6.jpg icc9.jpg icc7.jpg icc8.jpg icc13.jpg icc16.jpg icc18.jpg icc19.jpg icc21.jpg icc22.jpg icc23.jpg icc26.jpg icc27.jpg icc10.jpg icc11.jpg icc12.jpg icc15.jpg icc20.jpg icc28.jpg icc29.jpg icc36.jpg icc34.jpg icc35.jpg icc33.jpg


  1. Congratulations on a job well done!!! I’m sure mother nature appreciates the help …

    Regarding the COT clean-up next week … count me in … but wait, aren’t you doing the “intro” dives next weekend?

  2. Intro dive is on Saturday, Sept 15. Clean up the following day, Sept 16.

  3. Albert , Len, & Jomi : We missed you last weekend. Would have been a blast. Felt like a reunion for the Palau 1 & 2 groups. Thumbs up for Crystal Blue Resort. Great service! I just love your fancy grill. Great choice of venue. Many, many, many thanks to Dave & Paz for making my B’day even more meaningful and worthwhile. At least I was given the chance to do my civic duty at the clean up. Abagan ang susunod na kabanata… Part II?

  4. jhun and jamie…..sayanjg hindi kayo naka punta…hope you feel better jamie. Usap nalangt tayo…medyo may konteng penalty sa last minute cancellation nyo. Pasencia new tayo sa resort…

  5. Hi Doc Orly!!! Happy Happy Birthday. Sorry I missed your clean-up last weekend had to support the alma matter (kahit natalo), but from the pictures above… sure looked like everyone had a blast!. Hope to dive with you soon. Miss you guys.

  6. Kuya Dave, okay lang and actually I expected that penalty. Sayang talaga. It came from nowhere ung sakit ni Jamie, BAWI kami sa ibang dive trips. Keep us posted for November schedules. thanks.

  7. sayang..you guys missed the lechon and the steak and the nice rooms…….and the super nice staff! πŸ™‚ ang sarap ng service nila grabe. as in. they’re just there to give you anything you need.

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