Intro Dive 1 – Westmont

Last September 15 to 16, Westmont Pharmaceuticals through the initiative of Jaddy Vitug hosted an Intro to Scuba for selected clients and employees at the Eagle Point Resort. Our very own scuba diving instructor Dave E. Santos with his very capable divemasters lead by Elmer, Robert, John, Ali, Cookoo and Vergel conducted the intro dive at the resort’s reef pool. Arlene who was on vacation from Dubai gamely assisted Gina, Alvin & Polly during the intro. The guests had a blast interacting with the batfish, the big grouper as well as the juvenile black tip sharks inhabiting the pool. The intro dive was followed by karaoke socials after dinner.

isw56.jpg isw2.JPG isw3.JPG isw55.jpg isw53.jpg isw54.jpg isw78.jpg dsc04392.JPG dsc04381.JPG isw5.jpg dsc04395.JPG dsc04479.JPG dsc04462.JPG dsc04475.JPG dsc04472.JPG dsc04470.JPG dsc04477.JPG dsc04456.JPG isw4.jpg dsc04453.JPG isw6.jpg dsc04301.JPG dsc04312.JPG dsc04318.JPG isw7.jpg isw9.jpg isw10.jpg isw12.jpg isw14.jpg isw23.jpg isw8.jpg isw11.jpg isw13.jpg isw15.jpg isw16.jpg isw21.jpg isw31.jpg isw48.jpg isw25.jpg isw30.jpg isw29.jpg isw24.jpg isw35.jpg isw37.jpg isw34.jpg isw32.jpg isw27.jpg isw33.jpgisw40.jpg isw38.jpg isw41.jpg alvin-ali.jpg isw68.jpg isw77.jpg isw71.jpg isw70.jpg isw72.jpg isw57.jpg isw64.jpg isw65.jpg isw59.jpg isw67.jpg isw69.jpg johnarlene1.jpg dsc04371.jpg johnarlene2.jpg



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  1. ANG SWEET NAMAN!!! oh.. bakit kasi kailangan pang mag….. “toot” oops!! censored…

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