Why do I dive?


Did you ever ask yourself why you go diving?

Honestly, it never occurred to me to ask this question until last Friday when Albert suggested the idea for a project we volunteered in…

Why do I dive?

  • I dive because I love the sea. My fondest childhood memories were those moments spent at the sea with my siblings
  • I dive because being underwater gives me the sense of peace. Diving is the best antidote for work related stress
  • I dive because I love capturing memories through underwater photography
  • I dive because I love our scuba diving instructor 🙂

So why do you dive?

Photography: Tanya Enrile (Tubbataha)


  1. I dive because my mind is only ever silent underwater. It’s like getting a clean slate every single time.

    And when I share the experience with people new to diving – I get an infinite high because all the wonders are renewed to me – like it was all my first time to feel the weightlessness too!

  2. I forgot, another reason: I want to be one with the water!! 😀

  3. I dive because it gives me the opportunity to appreciate a part of this world that some of us do not get a chance to see and experience in their lifetime, considering the fact that more than two thirds of this world is water.

  4. I dive because it’s the closest thing to being in outer space.

  5. i dive because when i’m underwater, it reminds me of how small i am in a vast planet. it’s like being in a whole new world!

  6. I dive because it gives me a great deal of release when I’m stressed out. I t gives a sense of freedom among the fishes and the underwater environment. It gives me more than what I pay for. Dive lessons- 12,000 pesos, Equipment- 40,000 pesos, Bord and lodging at a resort- 5,000pesos, meeting the world below – PRICELESS. For everything else…C-card!

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