Dive Lessons for the Weekend

This weekend I assisted a check-out dive group and well, things happened. Things that I’ve never experienced before.

I have learned:

– that just because the students are really quick to learn scuba, it does not mean that they understood responsibility.

– that just because they have done so well in training, it does not mean that they read the book and understood what it meant. (not like I remember the entire workbook..)

– that just because they are so comfortable in the water, it does not mean that they are not afraid anymore.

– that as the instructor’s assistant, I have to compulsively check and re-check them because they don’t know better just yet.

– that sometimes they misunderstand the responsibilities of the instructor and the assistant and think that we are babysitters of another kind. (maybe it’s my fault I baby them too much)

– that I should add more weight when assisting check-out dives. (because you never know when someone will float all the way up)

– that there are people like me who care about feeding the boatmen.

– that because seasoned divers drink at the end of the day while I don’t, I should take it upon myself to remind new divers about the reasons why we should not go drinking before another day of diving. (at least until the check-out weekend is over)

– that because I went from scared newbie to this dive maniac, I can connect with the student’s fear, I understand their apprehensions, and I can be patient with them, waiting and ever supportive, willingly helping them to get their certification.

– that my instructor is a very patient teacher who gets mad when you make a grave mistake. And I’ve only ever seen him stare so scary once before. I never want to be at the receiving end of it. You should’ve seen his eyes blaze. You’d never be able to look into them.

– that when students get scared of the instructor they will come to the teacher’s aid and ask a dozen questions.

– that some students will learn their lessons the hard way. I just have to be ready to help them grow up and become responsible divers.

But beyond all that, I also learned:
– that I can fin with a belly-ache.
– that if the belly-ache does not go away, bad poop is coming.
– that I can clench my butt-cheeks and hold my poop for almost an hour.
– that room 101 is very very far from the boat dock.
– that locked doors can be so impossible to open with the proper key.
– that I am so lucky I didn’t soil my wetsuit.


  1. Hehehe very nice observations Ali!!!

  2. hahaha..and because of the butt exhausting experience..I am convinced that I need to learn your underwater trick! hahahaha…eh papano ko naman tatago face ko sa halcyon??!

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