Shooting Tips for PSDC

Here are some tips from Canon to make the most out of a handy dandy point & shoot digital camera.

When taking pictures underwater, there are 3 shooting techniques you will find useful to enable you to produce remarkable and appealing pictures without elaborate set-ups.



  • Choose the Macro Mode when shooting small underwater subjects.
  • Move to within minimum focusing distance of your subject and press the shutter button halfway.
  • Using the LCD monitor, move the camera until image is sharp.
  • Press the shutter button all the way to take the picture.
  • Make sure you use the flash diffusion plate on the case to have an even underwater flash lighting.



  • Keep the color of the water blue if you want to master the wide-angle shot.
  • If your camera does not have an Underwater Scene Mode, set the White Balance to “Daylight” in shallow water and “Cloudy”at greater depths.
  • Get below your subject and aim upwards towards the sky to create dramatic silhouettes.


Select the Stitch Assist Mode on your camera then shoot a series of overlapping images. Use the PhotoStitch software to automatically combine images into a breath-taking panorama on your computer.


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  1. I found these tips from Canon at some point during my early adventures with underwater digital photography. While the tips are relevant, they do not give information about the photography style at hand. For example, taking panoramic images may require some ingenuity on the part of the diver to remain perfectly still for the series of images to line up. This might mean that the diver should steady him/her self on the sand or with an old, weighted tripod.
    Check out my blog for more photography tips!
    Underwater Photography Tips

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