“Sa TOTOO Tayo”


We heard this battle cry ever since a whistle blower exposed the anomalies and corruption of the present administration. The calloused amongst us would just shrug this off because… what else is new?

Have you ever wondered why poverty is never ending in our midst despite our country’s rich natural resources? Why there’s influx of overseas Filipino workers and migrants who would rather slave it out in foreign countries rather than in their homeland? Why can’t we seem to move on and be more progressive like our neighboring Asian countries?

It’s about time each of us look within ourselves for a much needed soul searching and change.

Let’s give our children a future full of Hope, Order, Peace & Equality. Let’s say NO to the emerging culture of corruption. Let’s stay vigilant.


MASS FOR TRUTH – LSGH, 17 February 2008

mft30.jpg mft1.jpg mft7.jpg mft8.jpg mft5.jpg mft10.jpg mft11.jpg mft13.jpg mft14.jpg mft15.jpg mft16.jpg mft17.jpg mft18.jpg mft19.jpg mft21.jpg mft25.jpg mft26.jpg mft27.jpg mft261.jpg mft29.jpg mft31.jpg mft20.jpg mft22.jpg mft23.jpg mft24.jpg mft28.jpg mft32.jpg mft33.jpg mft34.jpg

INTERFAITH RALLY – Makati , 29 February 2008

ifr1.jpg ifr9.jpg ifr10.jpg ifr27.jpg ifr29.jpg ifr35.jpg ifr43.jpg ifr38.jpg ifr44.jpg ifr42.jpg ifr50.jpg ifr51.jpg ifr54.jpg ifr56.jpg ifr3.jpg ifr4.jpg ifr2.jpg ifr5.jpg ifr12.jpg ifr6.jpg ifr8.jpg ifr11.jpg ifr15.jpg ifr18.jpg ifr19.jpg ifr20.jpg ifr22.jpg ifr23.jpg ifr30.jpg ifr28.jpg ifr39.jpg ifr31.jpg ifr32.jpg ifr33.jpg ifr41.jpg ifr46.jpg ifr52.jpg ifr48.jpg ifr53.jpg



  1. ang ganda ng pictures

  2. Yeah, I Got A Lil’ Peace Of The Action. (Well, Sort Of) My Cellphone Was Stolen In The Heat Of The Moment. (Whimpers) Oh & It Was Truly Ipressive To The Mind (Okay, Okay Not So Much The Mind) & Spirit Until It Later Turned Out To Be A Party For A Bunch Of Kids>> Sa Makati.

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