Santos Family Divers


It has been the tradition in Dave’s side of the family to commemorate the end of the holidays by checking in a hotel for more bonding activities and to celebrate the coming of another year. After burning the internet lines, his siblings finally decided to get certified during the Christmas break. Kuya Rogi & family soon arrived from Bangkok, then Rupert & family from Chicago as well as Monette & kids from Baguio.

Everyone was excited, most especially the kids.The first lecture was done a few days before Christmas followed by the pool sessions after Christmas. The kids had superb water skills that the pool session was a breeze and they took to diving like a fish to water. After two pool sessions they mastered all the skills needed for the checkout. Muchas Gracias to Ali for assisting Dave.

Check-out was done at the Crystal Blue and we were lucky to have the whole resort to ourselves. First dive was done in front of the Cemetery beach, followed by lunch on the beach then second dive in Layag-Layag. The first day was capped with karaoke activity. Next day, we dove the Cathedral for some fish feeding and everyone had ear-wide smiles after that. The last dive was done at the Barge & Twin Rocks to watch the yellow fusiliers and the school of “talakitoks”.

Everyone was in high spirits after two days of diving and can’t wait to take their final exams. As expected, Kuya Rogi proved that he’s still the “nerd”. Come midnight, the whole clan gathered in front of the resort to watch the fireworks. It was a very memorable New Year celebration for everyone.

Congratulations to the Santos Family Open Water Divers: Kuya Rogi, Kevin, Celine, Andrew, Rocky, Monette, Mika, Dawn, Migo, Rupert,Teena & Gedo.

Until our next family get-together and dive 🙂

kevin.jpg migo.jpg mika.jpg monette.jpg rocky.jpg teena.jpg celine.jpg andrew.jpg robin.jpg rupert.jpg rogi.jpg dawn1.jpg gedo.jpg claire.jpg harley.jpg lily.jpg dood.jpg santos7.jpg tiara.jpg rogi-bing.jpg ruel-sol.jpg rupert-teena.jpg santos.jpg santos-bros.jpg santos8.jpg santos2.jpg santos3.jpg santos9.jpg santos4.jpg santos5.jpg santos6.jpg mom-nikei.jpg rogi-bing1.jpg ruel-mavic.jpg rupert-teena-1.jpg


  1. What a wonderful and professionally written piece of work! It truly was an amazing experience for all! Many thanks to Dave, Paz, Tiara and Dood!!! The nerd certainly learned not only how to dive, but how to ‘feed’ the fish too and getting the regulator back on! hehehe!!! We miss you all!

  2. You forgot…you discovered the positive effects of the combination of sun, salt and breathing clean air to your complexion…..hehehe

  3. I’ve to call this class the speed class. 🙂 It is by far the biggest class I assisted and the fastest too! 🙂
    Congratulations everybody! 🙂 I hope to join one of your many future dives. 🙂

  4. This is Rocky, When are we going to get our diving license. I have not got it yet……

  5. yes dave, i almost forgot about the positive effects on my complexion! bumalik na kase sa date, hehehehe!!! hey, rocky is followingup on the diver’s license, excited pa rin siya siya! and thanks to lea also for helping us out!!! Hey, just saw the write-ups on the close call… man, God loves you soooo much! Thank God for your skills and experience and His protection! Share naman sa santos email.. does mom know? I shiver to think of what could have happened and what you went through. We love you Dave!

  6. hi santos people….just got your cards last week…been really busy… you more …soon

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