Last Saturday, March 29, was a very special day for me because I finally got to join the MADAboutUS 3 (Mabini-Tingloy Digital Underwater Shootout), a digital photography competition held once a year to promote Marine Ecological Awareness through Digital Underwater Shootouts and because it was the birthday of our beloved Dive Instructor, DAVE.

With our kids in tow, we arrived before 7 am and I immediately signed-up for the Special Beginners Level, a class for photographers who use point & shoot cameras only without external strobes or lights and who have not taken underwater pictures for more than two years.

It was a grueling experience because I was under a tight schedule. Having only approximately 6 hours to register, shoot and submit my entries; we opted to go to the nearest dive site, Elmer’s and the front of Sunview resort since marine sanctuaries were off limits for the shootout. After 3 hours of diving, I was ready to submit my pictures and was first to do so.

Here’s a sneak preview of my entries:

MACRO (Blue ribbon eel)

WIDE ANGLE (Tube Anemone)

FISH FACE ( Clownfish)

The judging will be done on April 2 and the pictures can be viewed online (MADAboutUS) beginning on April 3. Viewers can also vote for the MAD3 People Choice Award online or through SMS/text. Awards Night will be on April 5 at the Ayala Museum.

I would also like to take this opportunity to THANK the following:
  • my hubby and dive guide Dave, for making all the sacrifices and arrangements necessary so that we could do at least two dives before heading off to La Luz for another engagement
  • my buddy Albert, for inspiring me to join and keeping me updated with details of the competition
  • Poly and Virgil, for assisting in setting up and cleaning of our gears thus saving us precious time
  • Crystal Blue for the accommodation and lunch
  • and to all my friends for your moral support

🙂 I hope you’ll vote for me 🙂



  1. I like the fish face nay! 🙂

  2. Congratulations buddy!!! Hope you make it in any of the categories …

  3. Your sneak preview looks great!!! Taken like a PRO 🙂 Will keep fingers crossed for your entries to win. Good luck Paz!

  4. Just got back from Anilao. I assisted Dave in his class. Thanks a lot guys for your confidence in me. I just checked the MAD site but they haven’t posted the pictures yet. I don’t even know how many registered for the event. Anyways, I’ll just update you on Saturday. Have a great time in Palau 🙂

  5. Just heard from the organizers that the People’s Choice will be done during the Awards Night since they do not have the facility/capability to post 130 entries 😦 Only the winning entries will be posted online after the awarding. Wish me luck 🙂

  6. LUCK!!!

  7. I really like that alien looking blue ribbon eel … you caught it at the right angle … reminds me of Hernan … who absolutely loved this creature. When he came over, December 2005, I remember him deleting pictures from his camera just to be able to take this subject at Twin Rocks …

  8. good luck lubs…..see you when I get back from Palau!!!! hehe

  9. YAHOO. I won 3rd in the Macro and the Wide Angle Category in the Special Beginners Level. Not bad at all given only 3 hours to shoot. Unfortunately, my fish face was entered by the organizers in the intermediate level and did not win 😦 I still have to clarify this with Joel Uichico because I did not use any special lighting here except the built in flash of my point and shoot camera. I stood a chance of winning in the fish face category in my level. Sayang. Anyways, thanks Ali for accompanying me, Alvin for driving us to the venue and Adel for your company. Next year ulit 🙂

  10. Next year nay. Sad nga that they moved your fish face into the intermediate category..but that means it was really good because they couldn’t accept that you took that shot without extra light! 🙂

    Next year next year I’m sure it will be better! 🙂

    Congratulations parin for the 2 awards!!! 🙂

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!! We were still in Palau when we heard the news from Dave … we were all so happy for you …

    Next year … clean sweep na yan … 🙂

  12. Thanks guys. Next year dapat lahat ng may underwater camera sasali para may kasama ako. That means Albert. Jomi, John, Arnel, Roy, Carol, Doc Orly,Bong & Jett, Jingle, Mike M., Bernie, Tanya, Coh & Remy, etc. How about forming a Diveshoppe Photo Club for both topside and underwater? The more the merrier 🙂

  13. kasali ba ang paparazzi?? hahaahahaha..

  14. Dapat lang kasali si paparazzi, pero dapat mag-diving na siya para hindi lang siya pang topside. I forgot to mention Jonet, Robert, Carlos, Jaddie… Sino pa ba ang mga mahilig sa photography? Maybe we can have once a month get-togethers and sharing of experiences. What do you think guys?

  15. Congratulations Paz!!! really great pictures, specially the fish face, very unfair they did not accept it in the right level (too good for them to believe it)…

    I will be very happy if you teach me taking u/w pics half as beautiful as yours

  16. Thanks Carlos. I heard you recently bought a G9 and underwater casing. Hopefully we will be able to dive together and compare notes. I still have much to learn too 🙂

  17. Oh thanks Paz, not a G9… its a canon A570IS, manual with the same procesor as the G9, pero mas mas mura…:)

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