Aurelio Family Divers

Congratulations to the new PADI Open Water Divers: Joseph, Marianne & Bernard Aurelio.

I had the pleasure of diving with them last April 2 – 3. Their Dad, Bernie was Dave’s student way back in the early 90’s while his eldest son, Bernard was a former student of mine at UA&P. Small world indeed.

Looking forward to more diving with you guys 🙂

Photography: Paz Santos


  1. Thanks a lot for the pictures. I sent the link to Bernard, Marianne and Joseph. May we have many more dives together, BTW we went diving at Puerto Galera last week. Also can u ask Dave where the kids will send their pictures for their PADI card.? thanks again.

  2. Hi Bernie, Bernard gave his picture but I did not get the pictures of Marianne and Joseph. They can drop them off same place where Bernard sent his picture, at scout Gandia.

  3. HELLO! yup will dive when the weather is fine…

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