April 12 – 13 OW Check-out

CONGRATULATIONS to the new PADI Open Water Divers Mark, Matthew, Monica, Pam, Kay & JN. Welcome to the Diveshoppe Family.

Jett was on-hand to assists Dave and also acted as their official topside and underwater photographer. Way to go Jett 🙂



  1. Congratulations guys! Welcome to the diveshoppe family. . .
    Aba doc jett official photographer ka na pala ha. . . nakatsamba hehehe . . .

  2. Thanks Dave, Paz and Jett! =) Cool. That was really fun in a not so ordinary way! Thanks for being totally patient with me 😉 The photos were good. Erm, except that we girls could’ve defogged our masks well. No eyes!!!!! We look like aliens. He He!

    Hey Jett, I missed copying some of the pics (backroll ha ha!, emergency ascent and more underwater V poses …and yeah that time I had to use my octopus) off your laptop — good thing you included those here! Official photographer ba?! He He. Next time ulit a!

    Till next dive trip!


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