Fundive 4(26-27)08

I had the pleasure of diving with “seasoned” divers last April 26 & 27. It was a doubly fun because I did not have to worry about being left behind while taking snapshots underwater.

There were four (4) of us clicking away to our hearts content. Each dive lasted for more than 80 minutes 🙂 Dives were done at the Sepok and Twin Rocks on the first day, Beatrice and Mainit on the second day.

It was a great weekend for me and my new photo divebuddies. Cheers to the old and new paparrazis.

Here are some of the pictures taken that weekend.




John kindly send me your pics via e-mail or post them on Diveshoppe Multiply. Thanks.

More underwater scenes…

Paparrazi Angel Alberto

Carlos and the fishes

Formal Divewear


and a few topside shots…


  1. NIce Pictures!!! Mabuhay ang DIVESHOPPE PAPARRAZIS!!!

  2. Congrats for the great pics everyone!!! Thank you for posting them Paz …

  3. You’re welcome Carlos. Thanks for lending me your book. So when are you diving again?

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