Amazing Anilao

If you are wondering what Gina (she’s attempting to do a “Gutsy”) and John are taking pictures of….


An underwater bird???

Tiara found this weird looking fish while we were diving in Saddle last weekend. Its a fusion of several sea creatures – the head looks like that of a seahorse/pipefish, its wings like that of a scorpionfish/gurnard and its tail that of a shrimp and crawls like one too – a trueblue MUTANT.

I searched through the internet and found a specie that looks exactly like the fish we saw. It’s called the

Little Dragonfish Eurypegasus draconis (Linneaus, 1766)

or short dragonfish, dragon sea moth, pegasus.

The following day, while the rest were celebrating the 1st birthday and christening of Poly’s boy – Paul Vincent,

I had my own adventure – I dove alone for 120 minutes… that’s right 2 hours of muck diving in Secret Bay and I found another amazing sea creature…

So what’s special about this frogfish?

Let my thumb do the talking 🙂

We are planning to go to Anilao again next weekend.

Who’s coming?


  1. The Dragonfish and Pygmy Frogfish are true finds … KUDOS to you buddy …

    Congratulations to Poly and Jenny for making us feel at home … and especially to Paul Vincent for his Christening and Birthday …

  2. Galing!!!!! Like to go but have to attend something important next weekend may be the week end after next. Hay!!!!

  3. really nice finds… cant wait to go to anilao again… elmer is offering his services for the underwater photogs as spotter next week… so who’s coming???

  4. ay dragonfish?? I still prefer calling it the Tiara-clap-clap-fish! 😀

  5. nay, dapat may piso ka. 🙂 hahaha..or short ruler..para tatabi mo dun……..hehe

  6. awesome photos!!! kelan kaya ako magkakalakas ng loob mag-dive? hahaha

  7. it’s still the tiara clap-clap fish. my favorite FISH!=))

  8. wow…great!!!!! n_n

  9. Actually, the pointer that Paz brings has grooves that are 1-inch apart. That could easily be used to scale any creature.

  10. Carlee kayang kaya mo iyan. Mas mahirap pa ang snorkeling. Sama ka pag nag-fundive si Duke at mag-intro dive ka na rin 🙂

  11. go carlee. game na let’s drop the grad event and go diving ……. joke

  12. ikaw Duke ha…anong joke joke ka dyan….kala mo ha…magtrabaho ka muna para may pang-dive ka….hahahahaha

    Kidding aside, wonderful pictures…honestly they are not aesthetically beauiful creatures per se but they are truly amazing and unique which makes them even more beautiful than the usual & common ones that we see. Truly a wonderful scenery…how I wish someday I can see and touch one… :=)

  13. Magagawa rin yan Ms. Arian sabay kayo ni Carlee, Sige try nin pakatapos ng Grad. We all deserve a rest after all another School year has ended and a new one is about to start or have started already before the first week end of June.

  14. nin is natin pala …… sori na aantok pa

  15. IM BACK!! WOW!!! mutant fish??? baka naman nagpatong patong lang… Wait isn’t it mating season already…. hahaha… kayo talaga iniistorbo nyo…kung sa inyo kaya gawin yun… with matching clap and flash pa ha… hehehe… Tita PAZ!!! ang ganda na naman ng kuha mo sa frogfish… BABY FROGFISH!!!

  16. JULY JULY JULY, Duke!!! C’mon Arianne, join us! We need to unwind after a stressful June! Haha

  17. uy jett. 🙂
    hindi yan baby frogfish..pygmy daw yan..di na siya lalaki..parang yun pygmy seahorse natin dati. 🙂
    hindi yan mutant fish, dragonfish siya talaga. tapos 1 fish lang siya. galing. tail niya parang shrimp, tapos may wings, tapos top niya parang balat ng frogfish!

  18. Game. Cu Anilao on July !!!

  19. BABY FROFISH ali!! ok… pygmy mutant frogfish… HAHAHA!!! e san kaya nangaling yung mutant fish na yun? Dragonfish… i mean…

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