Enteng’s Celebration

Last Sunday, May 25, Poly’s son Paul Vincent aka Enteng, celebrated his first birthday as well as his baptism. The special occasion coincided with their fiesta.

We had to wake up early in order to catch the 7 am mass at the small Mainit chapel located a few meters from the shore fronting the Bubbles dive site. To get there, we had to park our car beside the Korean spa resort and walk a few kilometers to the chapel. Good thing the priest was also late so we got there just in time for mass.

It was lovely but quiet distracting to hear mass while enjoying the panoramic view of the sea and nearby islands that my mind kept wandering away as the wind gently blew the leaves of the gumamela tree I was leaning on for support. A painful bite from a “hantik” woke me up from my daydream and before I knew it the mass was over.

As the priest directed the parents to move closer to the altar for the baptism rites a slight chaos reigned. Parents and godparents elbowed each other trying to get to the front while the paparazzis scrambled about to get the best angle. After a few more minutes Paul Vincent was finally christened. He is such an angel, he was well behaved the whole time and smiled for the camera.

After the baptism, almost everyone including the neighbors and other relatives hitched a ride with Poly but we had to drop off the designated drivers to the “parking area” so they can move the cars closer to Poly’s home.

We got to Poly’s place around 10 am, still too early for lunch. But the wife, Jenny, insisted we start partaking of the sumptuous meal Poly lovingly prepared for us. The menu consisted of kalderetang kambing, afritadang baboy, adobong pugita, buko pandan, fruit salad, puto and suman.

After the meal, the group retreated to the hut beside the shore and immediately started the coke-matador session. Since I am not into alcoholic drinks I opted to go diving instead while Hashana took a dip. We ended the celebration by 4:30 pm and went back to the resort to rest for a while before we left for Manila.

Happy 1st Birthday and Christening to Paul Vincent!!!

Thank you Poly & Jenny for your hospitality.


  1. wonderful family portrait.

  2. Welcome to the Christian World Paul Vincent.

  3. nay, pakopya naman ng pictures para print ko for the photo album na bibigay ko kila Poly. πŸ™‚ thanks nay. baka si alvin nalang magkopya, pagsoli niya ng shorts… πŸ˜€

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