CONGRATULATIONS to the “YOSI Boys” for successfully passing their practical and written exams in the recently concluded PADI Rescue Diver Course held this weekend in Anilao.

The check-out was quiet exciting. First day was spent at the Secret Bay in Mainit where they practiced throwing a rope and approaching a panicking victim then did a little fun dive before swimming for 1 km.

On the second day, while diving in Layag Layag – Bahura, I spotted a spiny devilfish, a dragon fish (in the same area where Tiara saw it) while Albert spotted an octopus.

Spiny Devilfish


35 minutes into the dive, Dave lost consciousness. Albert and Doc Orly immediately rushed to his aid while Mike and Carlos assisted. As expected, it was tough hauling Dave into the banca – it took several tries and 4 people to do it.

Last dive was done in Kirby’s Rock where Carlos and I saw a black frogfish during our safety stop.

Giant Frogfish

On the way back, a squall forced us to park the outrigger in Mainit.

While waiting for our transport, the boys practiced the back-breaking carrying techniques on land and in the water

as well as the latest ballroom dance steps.

By the time our ride arrived, we were cold, tired and hungry. However, the excitement and anxiety did not end here. We barely traveled 500 meters when the resorts’ pick-up stalled because it was running low on crude oil. Dave decided to walk back to Mainit; hire the jeep we saw earlier; get the rest of the gears and then pass for us.

Luckily, after tweaking with the engine, it started but as we were nearing the resort the engine stopped again. The driver attempted to re-start the engine, when a sudden jolt almost knocked Albert overboard. Thanks to quick reflex, nothing untoward happened.

We were getting stressed and impatient and contemplated on walking when the engine throttled back to life. What a way to end the weekend… Sigh.

Well done guys and cheers to all of you !!! Not even the stormy weather brought about by Typhoon Igme and the habagat winds can dampen your spirits. Well except for Mike, who’s planning to go back to the US this coming Sunday.

Pasensiya na sa pangalan, wala na akong maisip.

I will try to download the videos.


  1. Woohoo!!!

  2. I had a great time with you guys this weekend, tiring but very happy for the new level of the “Seniors”, “Yosi” & “Friday´s Club”… we had lots of fun…

    Thank you for your unique teaching methods Dave… always with passion and patience…

    Great pics Paz, thank you for posting this report and pics so fast!!!

    Poly is a great bangkero surfing the waves like there were none… it was fun… wheeee…

    Ingat and lets Dive soon again (nitrox preferably for the yosi boys.. hehehe…)!!!

  3. Did not realize that it just took me a little over 2 hours to get to Manila. Arrived on time for my commitment. I had fun playing catch me if you can with a turbo powered Audi along the star toll. Apologies to the group for leaving early. Looking forward to our digital underwater group. Hope K would be able to decide on which model to finally buy by then. I think Albert and I got her more confused.
    Thanks Paz at marami akong kuha sa event na ito. Finally certifed rescue. Looking forward to the next course to take with my potential classmate Carlos.

  4. I bought the D80!!!!! Wahooo!!!!!!

  5. wow…bago na camera!!!!! day off ka ba mamaya…para sa dispidida????

  6. Woohoo … so when is the photo shoot?

  7. sayang di ako nakasama. balita ko may nag concert daw a.

    regarding the photo shoot, wala pang housing eeee.

  8. korek ka dyan….dami nag concertt!!!!

  9. […] for another perspective of this weekend, please proceed to Paz’ account at the Diveshoppe page.  There are more pictures of the weekend there […]

  10. Congratulations to our new PADI RESCUE DIVERS!! Doc Orly, Muni, Carlos and Albert.. well wait for the TUBUSAN PARTY!!!. Thats the hardest part… hahaha…. And to our dear MIKE “MUNI” MUNOZ… Bon Voyage… C u soon…

  11. Yea, miss ko na agad diving at drinking buddies sa diving. salamat sa pagdalo sa alakan. Obvious naman na ginawa lang rason ang despedida para uminom, sa totoo, andito lang ako sa santa mesa! hehehe

  12. korek….masarap gumawa ng dahilan….hehe…sra. mesa ha!!!???

  13. bute nalng pala di naging victim samin ni tiara si tatay…:D
    Congrats Yosi Boys!!!

    hala may utang pa kaming swim!!! 😐 :))

  14. hehe korek….kailan kayo dive ulit??

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