International Cleanup Day

The International Cleanup Day: Splash for Trash is scheduled on September 20.

To avoid inconvenience with regards to resort and outrigger reservations, we are scheduling our clean-up a month earlier to coincide with one of the long weekends/3-day holiday this coming August, either August 16 – 18 or August 23 – 25.

Please get in touch with Dave as soon as possible so he can already make the necessary arrangements.


  1. I wish it is to be the 23rd-25th … I can’t on the 18th. By the way Paz, are you aware that these dates signify Saturday to Monday? Not that I mind … just wondering.

  2. 16 to 22 I will be in Cebu and 24 got visitors… difficult this time to join on these dates, sorry!

  3. Thanks Albert and Carlos for your replies. The August clean-up schedule is tentative. The final schedule will depend on how many are joining. Actually Dave had already reserved the resort on September 20, the actual date of the International clean-up. If more people will prefer the Sept 20 date then we will schedule it on this day. Again dear diveshoppe peeps, please confirm with Dave immediately or confirm your preferred date on the comments section so we can finalize the date.

  4. WOW! CLean up na pala… Me too tita paz.. Sept 20 is preferred… Coz il be in China po again 2nd week of August till 1st week of Sept… hehehe.. so Sept po.. But that’s me only…

  5. i prefer the Sep 20 but the 23rd to 25th is okay

  6. I’m okay for September 20 too …

  7. Hello everyone πŸ™‚ pwede kme Sept. 20 πŸ™‚

  8. Pwede pong sumama?

  9. Siyempre naman :0 The more the merrier at miss ka na namin. Gagawa ba tayo ulit ng t-shirt?

  10. SURE! hehehe.

  11. Yipee!!! Bahala ka na sa design, your the expert.

  12. Hi Jonet…..kamusta na?….siempre puede sumama!!! Dapat lang hehe…..Bday pa ni Doc Orly sa time na yun. People…looks like September 20-21 ang actual clean up date natin. Unless you guys want it a week earlier pa??? Kase plan to have bohol trip also September 26-30….plano pa lang.


  14. DAVE!!! Not a week earlier … just got word from Len … bday celebration of my father-in-law the week before … please stay put on the date … the 20th …

    Anyway … please consider me for the Bohol trip … πŸ™‚

  15. Ok so Sept 20-21 na tayo….I guess. Yup I will consider you for the Bohol trip to

  16. sept 20? sama kami jan! will clear up my sched this early. will confirm asap.

  17. Great doc mark…para samasama tayo!!!

  18. makasama nga… nasosobrahan na ko sa work e… need to relax… sige count me in with my G9!!! yahoo! first time ilulubog… ng walang housing! hehehehe….

  19. huy john… mailulubog na rin ntin ung mga toys ntin… ehehehe

  20. oo nga jun… try ko talaga makabili ng housing before cleanup… sana makasingil on time.. ang tanong – si jamie ba pwede lumubog???

  21. Di sya pwede eh… dun na lng daw sya pampang, ehehehehe

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