Final Clean-up Schedule

WHAT: International Cleanup Day 2008

WHEN: 20 September 2008

WHERE: Anilao, Batangas

As a Cleanup Coordinator for International Cleanup Day, I recently received from Project Aware – Asia Pacific the following materials:

  • brochures on “Ten Ways a Diver can Protect the Underwater Environment”
  • CD ROM with documentation & tools for International Cleanup Day
  • Project Aware International Clean-up Streamer
  • stickers and certificates for volunteers
  • posters to promote the event
  • coordinator summary card
  • leaflet on how to clean-up
  • AWARE kids activity book
  • volunteer data card

The said materials were sent by Project Aware to help support and organize the cleanup event.

We will only be conducting debris clean-ups both underwater and along the shore since there are no COTS infestation. I had the chance to dive Koala recently and did not see a single COTS. The damaged corals were recuperating.

More good news. Volunteers will get two (2) tanks free of charge during the clean-up. We are still awaiting for discounts/freebies from the resort (Crystal Blue). In addition, all the volunteers will also be given a 25% discount from Aquaventure Whitetip Dive Supply in recognition of your efforts.

The photographers are also encouraged to take this cleanup as an opportunity to take “high quality images that deliver powerful conservation messages and help illuminate the challenges facing our oceans.” Submission of entries for ” The Ocean In Focus” Conservation Photography Contests is until 30 September 2008. For complete contest submission details visit MARINE PHOTOBANK. But before we take the plunge and take those pictures, let’s review “10 Tips for the Underwater Photographer” to be truly equipped and ready to be an AWARE DIVER.

Invite your non-diver family and friends to take part too. The more volunteers, the more debris we can collect.


  1. dave, mga approximately ilan ang sasama sa clean-up sa sept.20? am working something out for the group…

  2. Count me in …

  3. John….mga 25-30 participants. Hi Alberto…..I heard Jomi is not going…..I am sure friday night is what you plan to do. Can some people hitch a ride??? I think John, gina and JB need a ride.

  4. Friday night is what I’m doing … John, Gina and JB can come for the ride …

  5. thanks albert… see you then…

  6. Thanks Albert

  7. You’re welcome bud … we leave no earlier than 7pm.

  8. thanks alberto….

  9. Hi! Are you guys still open to having more divers join in for the clean up? My friends and I are interested to help out. There’ll be around 3 of us for the trip, if ever. Lemme know, please! 🙂 Thanks!

  10. Is this dra. Leslie????

  11. Nope, sorry 🙂 This is Leslie Perez, also a regular at Crystal Blue 🙂 I met Paz about a month ago while I was with Bixie and a few friends 🙂

  12. Hi Leslie. As of the moment we are fully booked. We can only confirm on Tuesday or Wednesday next week if we can still accommodate additional volunteers. Pasensiya na.

  13. Sure, no problem 🙂 Just lemme know if you still have slots. Most probably we’ll just be there for the day, if it pushes through. Thanks!

  14. i got your twin tanks covered bud… see you before 7pm on the 19th…

  15. Hi Leslie. Sorry but we don’t have available slots for the cleanup.

  16. No problem. Thanks! 🙂

  17. gonna miss it this time… have fun all of you…!!!!! Albert, be good! hehehe…

  18. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  19. Thanks Sandra. Keep on surfing through our blog for more interesting articles related to diving and other underwater adventures 🙂

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