Awesome Anilao


October 12, noon time, Twin Rocks…

as usual, I was the tail diver…the visibility was bad…no one in sight except Julie Ann who was also busy snapping away pictures…I was taking pictures of a school of baby barracudas when I heard continuous tank banging. I followed Julie Ann towards the sound.

Initially, I did not get what the fuss was all about, until Albert approached me and gave the “W” sign.

Finally someone in our group saw the elusive Anilao Whaleshark. Unfortunately, the four photographers in the group were not around to see it, so no snapshot of the whaleshark from our group. Only Albert, Elmer & super lucky gal Agnes (only her 9th dive) saw it up close. Dave saw only a slight shadow and the rest nada.

As we boarded the “banca”, Polly, our boatman, immediately informed us that he saw the whaleshark approach our boat which was parked near the Twn Rocks Sanctuary marker. The tip of its tail, protruded out of the water before it swam away. Kay who was sleeping-off a hangover was awakened by Polly but she did not see the whaleshark either.

According to Albert, the whaleshark was about 10 to 12 feet in length.

We were not only the group who saw it. Earlier that day, around 10 am, two groups of divers (Suzette Cuerpo’s group) saw it in Ligpo and they were lucky enough to take a few shots.

Chelle’s shot

Oliver's photo

Elmer’s nephew, who lead a group in the Cathedral sanctuary, saw the whaleshark too.

Truly ANILAO is not only amazing but awesome. Not only was a whaleshark sighted that weekend but Boy Siojo’s group,  who also dove the Twin Rocks, saw a M-A-N-T-A !!!

I can’t wait to go back to my favorite playground.

Next trip would be November 8 -9.

See you there 🙂


  1. Anilao truly is amazing!!! I hope the sightings get even better and they are not harmed by the fishermen…..bantay dagat…nasaan na ba kayo??? Bayad ng bayad kami lahat ng Dive tax pero halos wala ng mga Buoys!!!

  2. According to my brother-in-law, his friend saw a Thresher in Mainit last weekend. No photos so we’ll have to take his word on it.

    Truly amazing – as Dave puts it about Anilao. In the 4+ short years that I’ve been diving, I have seen Anilao bloom from a “so-so” accessible location to a definite contender among the rest of the Philippines. Anilao has always been known for its small critters – a macro haven … but hey, guess what – the big guys are here to play too … hopefully to stay!!!


  3. What concerns me is that there will be a deluge of divers/boats at Twin Rocks … now, isn’t there a ruling about the number of boats that can dive a sanctuary in Anilao at any one time?

  4. Awesome experience, really. Still can’t help but smile like a little girl on Christmas Day whenever I remember the whale shark.

    I am lucky indeed, to be able to see the beauty of Anilao… with or without the W. Manta naman on my 10th dive!

    See you guys on the 8th.

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