Diving Dauin


Last July, I had  the pleasure of accompanying Dave & Carlos when they conducted a familiarization trip to Dauin, Dumaguete for Buceo Filipinas. This was a first for me. Everything I knew about diving in Dumaguete was basically what I read on the web.

During the short plane ride to Dumaguete, I managed to win a prize in the in-flight Q&A games while Dave was fast asleep. Upon arrival at the airport we were met by the resort driver and after a 25 minute ride we finally arrived in Dauin.

The Pura Vida Resort meaning “pure life”, was a delight to the senses. The Swiss owner, Chris Heim, incorporated the use of bamboo in the furnishings and rooms. Each room was named after a fish and featured a painting of the fish done by a local painter, a splendid way of displaying local materials and talent. 🙂

Since it was already late in the afternoon we opted to just relax and enjoy the resorts’ relaxing ambiance..no blaring music and karaokes…only the soft chirping of birds… crickets… waves… pure sounds of nature and the cold mountain breeze…

The following day, after a sumptuous breakfast, we were more than ready to explore the underwater wonders of Dauin. Our diving for the entire duration of the trip was arranged by the Sea Explorers- they have various branches all over the Visayas. Their dive center located within the resort was well organized. Each diver is assigned a crate and an area for storing dive gears. Even the wash area is specific for a dive gear. The management truly understands the needs of the diver. Thanks to Chris, who is also a PADI Course Director.

First dive was the LUCA SANCTUARY which is located near the front of the resort. After a short briefing, we did a shore entry and the dark golden brown sandy beach sloped gradually.

The first critter to greet us was a couple of green robust ghost pipefish camouflaged on the green sea grass. It was followed by a juvenile blue spotted stingray, flounder, a huge lionfish, sweetlips, a curious puffer fish, porcelain crab, anemone fish, glass shrimps and many more.





Since everything was done at a leisurely pace, I had the time to explore the beach and meet some locals after our first dive. One of them was a local fisherman who was busy harvesting some small crabs using a back breaking method of sifting the sand with a bamboo contraption. The old man smiled as I labored and gave it a try. After several attempts, I gave up… I did not even catch a single crab. According to him, it is prohibited for them to fish near the sanctuaries so this is their means of catching a meal for the day. Life is difficult for these fisherfolks:(

Back at the resort, Dave & Carlos were busy reviewing for EFR so I opted to just laze around the pool area while listening to my ipod before ordering lunch. P-U-R-A-V-I-D-A…Pure bliss…

The second dive was done at THE DUCOMI PIER, a privately owned pier. It is a short boat ride from the resort and consist of several 20 meter concrete pillars covered with a variety of soft corals where frogfish, colorful nudis, schools of fish, blennies and ornate pipefish hide. This sight is recommended for advance divers and bringing a flashlight is a must. This is the best dive site in Dauin. How I wish night diving would be allowed in the area.



The last dive site was done just outside the Bahura Resort’s Sanctuary. This is were lots of small mandarinfish lived amidst broken staghorn corals. Since the colorful mandarinfish usually comes out at dusk, we started diving quiet late in the afternoon. Aside from the mandarinfish, we also saw frogfish, leaf scorpionfish, banded pipefish, dainty juvenile lionfish and adult banded sea snake.


Lots of unusual critters are found in Dauin. Maybe because there is not much coral growth in the area to distract one’s attention and so it’s easier to spot them and because the locals take care of the sanctuaries. Dauin is a must try for underwater photographers 🙂

PHOTOGRAPHY: Carlos Trabal & Paz Santos



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  2. kasali to sa visayas trip? 😀

  3. Ganda naman… sarap!

  4. Yup. Sa Day 5 ang Apo Island and Dauin. Excited na ako!!! 🙂

  5. I think Dumaguete is one of the best places on earth! Love Rizal Ave., the people, the food, the lake and the dive sites! Enjoy your trip!

    Balik kayo agad ha? Can’t wait to dive again next month.

  6. See you on Nov 8 to 9 🙂

  7. Excelent post-trip report Paz !!! Thank you very much for all the details and great pictures!!! Still have a lot to learn from you… but I am coming back soon with a new strobe (Inon Z240) hehehe… Very warm regards to all, I miss you guys!!!!!!

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  9. Y yo sin conocer esta página¡¡¡ Desde luego¡¡¡ Ya sólo queda que la traduzcas al español, Carlos, que algunas somos mu brutas para muchas cosas. Es preciosa. Un beso a todos.

  10. Muchas gracias Teresa, eres encantadora… te echamos de menos, para cuando la siguiente visita? jejeje
    Este es el blog “local”, no hay espacio ni manos para traducirlo, ya nos gustaría 🙂
    besos y cuidate!

  11. mga bro sarap maligo diha sa dauin…

  12. wow it is great, nice beautiful, sent me more in information this, question how far is this from dumaguete city?, and how much to stay there per night. thanks

  13. wow it is great, nice beautiful, sent me more in information. question how far is this from dumaguete city?, and how much to stay there per night. thanks

  14. Nat-Geo Project in Dauin http://www.buceofilipinas.com/media/NATGEO_Web.wmv

  15. love the car wreck at dauin… 🙂

  16. Great Blog!……There’s always something here to make me laugh…Keep doing what ya do 🙂

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