The Ocean Connects Us

It’s like a bloodline. All divers are connected in the vastness of the sea. It doesn’t matter what language you speak or what color your skin is. When divers meet, there is an exchange that does not require words to communicate. The magic of the ocean connects us.

But in the sphere of reality – it helps if you speak the same language.

Scott sent me an email asking about Anilao dive sites. He lives in California and had planned a diving trip to Anilao for photos. He wanted to do 70% macro photography and 30% wide angle photography.

I am not a photographer. I replied with a lengthy email about my Anilao. It was madness. I went on and on about the many dives I made in Anilao. It all came gushing out like I had been holding it in forever. (But no, really, I’m not one to restrain myself when asked about Anilao. Come on, I got engaged to my husband in Anilao.)

Several days ago Scott sent me another email telling me about his trip and included links to the photos he took in Anilao. He did 46 dives, found over 100 nudibranch species, and took over 5,000 photos.

He posted about 200 photos that had me drooling over my screen. I sent him an email right away asking for permission to share the links with the other photographers I knew. I was so happy when he said yes!

I sent the links to a few people over email. One guy wanted to throw his camera out because the photos were so good. (yup, you know who you are. ;))

But to see is to believe so click on these links now! (I didn’t ask for permission to post his photos here, you have to go to his site and see for yourself. There’s a click thing on the side of each photo that shows you the shooting mode and whatnot – sorry I don’t speak photographer jargon)

some photos here:Anilao Through Scott’s Eyes

nudibranch gallery here:Anilao Nudibranchs through Scott’s Eyes

Thank you so much Scott for sharing these fantastic, jaw dropping, eye popping photos of my favorite place in the universe. You have a gift. I am grateful that you sent that email. These gorgeous photos are testament to my sanity. 😀 (that amazing Anilao isn’t something I made up in my head..heehee)

And no, I have not made up my mind on which ones are my favorite.



  1. I’ve seen this site… and the photo’s are truly excellent…

  2. Albert, which one did you like best? 🙂

  3. Well written Ali. Scott’s photos did justice to our favorite playground. There’s so much mre to see and discover in Anilao.

  4. Truly inspiring. How I wish I could take pictures with even just half the quality. A good reason to keep on diving.

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