Here’s how you can help the whale sharks of Donsol and lose a few pounds as well! 🙂
And if you’re feeling especially creative, make your own marine life costume and join the costume contest too!
A 10% discount on Nike products await you from the time you register and all the way to race day March 22, 2009.

Register here:
Registration ends on March 16, 2009.

Visit the official Condura Run Website here:

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The Condura Run is an advocacy of the Concepcion family led by Concepcion Durables President, Ton Concepcion.

A runner and a scuba diver himself, Ton’s vision for the Condura Run is to be the premier running event in the country by continuously raising the standards of Philippine running to global standards. The Condura Run is a running event created by a runner for runners and is inspired by international marathons.

The mission of the Condura Run is to inspire people to run because we believe that if everyone runs then the country will be a much better place. We will also help save the marine environment and promote eco-tourism by making people aware of the richness that lie beneath our seas.

Condura stands for durable bodies, durable seas, and durable products for a durable environment. In 2008, the first ever Condura Run: Race for Tubbataha Reefs was able to raise money for the protection of the Tubbataha Reefs in Palawan, and propelled it to be one of the top Global contenders for the New Seven Wonders of the World.

This year, it will be staged for the benefit of the Whale Sharks of Donsol, Sorsogon. 50 pesos of the registration fee shall go to the Whale Sharks.

Be part of history. Sign up now for the 2009 Condura Run for the Whale Sharks.


Donsol Sorsogon is known as the Whale Shark capital of the world. Hundreds of Whale Sharks congregate in Donsol from January to June to feed on its plankton-rich waters. These gentle giants of the deep locally known as butanding are the largest fish in the world growing up to 40 feet in length and can weigh up to 15 tons. They thrive in tropical and warm oceans and can live up to about 70 years.

Know more about the Whale Sharks!

The scientific name of the Whale Shark locally known as butanding is Rhincodon typus.

The Whale Shark is the largest fish in the world growing up to 40 ft. in length and can weigh up to 15 tons.

They are considered the gentle giants of the deep because despite their overwhelming size, the Whale Sharks feed only on planktons present in the sea, which make them almost completely harmless to humans.

A Scottish zoologist and explorer named Sir Andrew Smith off the coast of South Africa in 1828 discovered the Whale Sharks.

The Whale Sharks thrive in tropical and warm oceans and live in the open seas and can live up to about 70 years. Whale Shark season peaks from February to May or during summer.


1. The Route

The Condura Run is the first ever run to go through the Skyway. This is a historic event that you should not miss.

Condura ensures that the route is not only challenging but is virtually car, jeep, bus and tricycle-free. We work closely with government officials to make this vision come true so that runners can truly have a healthy and enjoyable run.

2. 4 Races: 1 Event

Whether this is your first race or your 100th, there is a race that will challenge you to be your best!

3km Fun Run
5km Discovery Run
10km Challenge
21KM Half-marathon to the Skyway

3. Fun Events

Run with dolphins, turtles, dugongs, manta rays and of course the Whale Shark. Join the marine life costume contest and be one with other runners who will run in costumes to show their support for the Philippines rich marine environment.

Pose in front of the majestic Whale Shark as photographed by international award winning underwater photographer Gutsy Tuason.

4. The Condura Expo

Bring your shopping bag as exhibitors show off their latest products and give out free samples. Enjoy the special sale only on race day including the Grand Nike Park Sale! Up to 70% off on selected items.

5. Cool Giveaways and Raffles

Get the Cool Collectible Condura Whale Shark t-shirt when you register and we guarantee you will be wearing it for years after the run. Finishers will receive a loot bag from Vitwater, Sunkist, Selecta and Swift.

Get to win lots of raffle prizes courtesy of our sponsors and donors. All registered runners can also avail of 10% discount on Nike products at participating Nike registration stores until race day.

6. Feel like an Olympian for a day!

Thousand of Spectators
Marching Bands
Cheering Zones

We at Condura understand how hard you train, and in return we shall do our best to cheer you on to be your best and feel like an Olympian on race day as you cross the finish line with hands in the air and a heart that is filled with pride and joy.

7. Run with the Stars

Bring your cameras and learn how to take pictures on the run as you catch famous celebrities running along side you as they show their support for the Whale Sharks while encouraging Filipinos to be the best they can be through running.

8. The Champions Circle

Certificates and cash prizes await the top 3 male and female finishers of each race category.

9. Finishers Medals for Half Marathon Finishers

Finishers of the 21km half-marathon to the Skyway shall receive a special Condura Run finisher’s medal that you will be proud to display for many years to come.

10. Running for the Whale Sharks

We truly are blessed as a country to be at the epicenter of the coral triangle. It is therefore our duty to protect this gift that we have been given. By joining the Condura run you are helping raise funds to protect the Whale Sharks and promoting responsible eco-tourism in Donsol.



4 Races: 1 Event

3km Fun Run
5km Discovery Run
10km Challenge
21km Half-marathon to the Skyway


21km Half-Marathon – 5:30 AM
10km – 6:00 AM
5km – 6:00 AM
3km – 6:00 AM

Green coral for 3km runners
Red coral for 5km runners
Blue coral for 10km runners
Brown coral for 21km runners

We encourage you to come 30 minutes before the race.

WHERE: 28th Street, Bonifacio Global Open Grounds, Taguig City (near NBC Tent)

Sign up for the race and get 10% discount on Nike products.

Registered runners will get the cool collectible Condura Run for the Whale Sharks T-Shirt, certificates, and giveaways from Vitwater, Sunkist, Selecta, and Swift.

Certificates and cash prizes await the top 3 male and female finishers of each race category.

Finishers of the 21km half-marathon will get the special finisher’s medal.



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