Mainit Point

MAINIT POINT is another favorite dive site of mine. It is located at the southernmost point of Calumpang Peninsula, known also as Cazador Point. Average depth is 50 feet and maximum depth is 100 feet. Before I was into underwater photography this was the best dive site for me. Here, rocks break the surface and boulders form miniature drop-offs from 5-30 meters. Marine life is plentiful and varied from whitetip sharks to barracudas, turtles and eagle rays. Nudibranchs, mantis shrimps, moray and ribbon eels can also be sighted. Corals are in good condition and the crinoids are very colorful. This site is for experienced divers due to the strong currents.

mainit5.jpg mainit1.jpg mainit10.jpg mainit2.jpg mainit12.jpg mainit16.jpg mainit25.jpg mainit15.jpg mainit26.jpg mainit4.jpg mainit18.jpg mainit13.jpg mainit6.jpg mainit7.jpg mainit9.jpg mainit19.jpg mainit23.jpg mainit22.jpg mainit14.jpg mainit8.jpg mainit24.jpg mainit31.jpg mainit41.jpg mainit49.jpg mainit84.jpg mainit82.jpg mainit77.jpg mainit75.jpg mainit65.jpg mainit36.jpg mainit32.jpg mainit60.jpg mainit33.jpg mainit53.jpg mainit45.jpg mainit52.jpg mainit58.jpg mainit39.jpg mainit37.jpg mainit51.jpg mainit56.jpg mainit71.jpg clown-copy.jpg tomato-clown2-copy.jpg skunk-clown-copy.jpg mainit-pawikan-02.jpg seaturtle1-copy.jpg mainit-pawikan-01.jpg mainit73.jpg mainit70.jpg nudi_hairy.jpg mainit3.jpg mainit11.jpg mainit47.jpg mainit54.jpg mainit20.jpg mainit21.jpg mainit63.jpg mainit66.jpg mainit74.jpg mainit67.jpg mainit55.jpg mainit72.jpg mainit50.jpg mainit30.jpg mainit48.jpg mainit46.jpg mainit29.jpg mainit64.jpg mainit44.jpg mainit78.jpg

PHOTOGRAPHY: Paz Santos, Roy Mendoza & Alberto Godinez (Anilao, Batangas, Philippines)



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