Twin Rocks

Twin Rocks & Barge is a sanctuary located right in front of the Planet Dive Resort in Batangas. Thanks to the conservation efforts of Planet Dive, it is considered as one of the best divesite in Anilao today. This dive site is great for underwater macro photography. It has schools of jacks, trevallies, baby barracudas, snappers and batfish as well as giant clams & cuttlefish; playful clownfish and other types of anemonefish, fairy basslets, damsels & triggerfish; elusive blue-spotted stingrays, ribbon eels & frogfish; colorful feather stars, daisy corals & tubeworms and other critters. I’ll never get tired of diving this site…there’s always something new to discover šŸ™‚

twin101.jpg twin12.jpg twin26.jpg twin29.jpg twin6.jpg twin19.jpg twin1.jpg twin3.jpg twin2.jpg twin31.jpg twin4.jpg twin27.jpg twin14.jpg twin21.jpg twin7.jpg barge29.jpg barge44.jpg twin24.jpg barge24.jpg twin25.jpg barge25.jpg barge28.jpg barge38.jpg barge36.jpg twin22.jpg barge41.jpg twin30.jpg barge37.jpg twin20.jpg twin02.jpg barge50.jpg twin15.jpg barge5.jpg barge15.jpg twin03.jpg barge17.jpg barge34.jpg barge23.jpg barge46.jpg twin9.jpg barge01.jpg barge02.jpg twin05.jpg twin04.jpg twin06.jpg barge35.jpg barge14.jpg barge48.jpg img_8096.jpg img_8216.jpg paz-jacks.jpg img_8136.jpg img_8283.jpg img_8140.jpg twin001.jpg twin003.jpg twin002.jpg barge10.jpg barge16.jpg barge21.jpg barge6.jpg barge26.jpg twin16.jpg twin28.jpg barge40.jpg

PHOTOGRAPHY: Albert, Dave & Paz (Anilao, Batangas, Philippines)



  1. i’d like to ask nearest resort to twin rocks dive site?

  2. Planet Dive is the closest resort to Twin Rocks / Barge … so close that you can do shore entries to the dive site.

  3. you have Planet Dive on the right side of Twin Rocks and Balai on the left… a resort is being planned directly in front of Twin Rocks… hopefully we can get it up and running March 2009…

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