Dauin, is a small coastal town in the province of Negros Oriental, recently known for macro photography and muck diving. Back in the early 1980’s, irresponsible fishing practices and destructive fishing methods by the locals led to the destruction of it’s coral reefs and demise of its fishing habitat. It was only in the year 2000 when several sanctuaries were established in the area. Thanks to Mayor Rodrigo Alalano who revived the Coastal Resource Management (CRM)  that his predecessor started.

The CRM was patterned after the Apo Island project of the Siliman University Marine Laboratory. The CRM program taught the fishermen sustainable fishing methods an encouraged the citizens to form civil associations to manage the different aspects of the program. Ordinances by the local government strictly implemented a no fishing and boating on the sanctuaries.

The sense of ownership and the concerted effort of its citizenry has finally paid off.  In 2005, the Dauin Coastal Resource Management Program won the Outstanding Local Government Award. Now, Dauin is an eco-tourism destination and its nine marine sanctuaries generates steady income for the municipality through its divers fees.

Dauin’s dark sandy shores and calm waters is home to colorful nudibranchs, frogfish, leaf scorpionfish, colorful mandarinfish, seahorse, a variety of pipefish, seasnakes, friendly pufferfish, lionfish, groupers and many unusual critters.

Here are some of the shots taken in the Luca Sanctuary, The Ducomi (Dumaguete Coconot Oil Mill) Pier and the Bahura Resort House Reef.

REFERENCE: Wikipedia, iRazoo

PHOTOGRAPHY: Carlos Trabal & Paz Santos



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  3. Dauin, is a small coastal town in the province of Negros Oriental,

  4. we, the dauinanons in zamboanga city, basilan, and zamboanga sibugay expressed our deepest congratulation for a job well done to the former Mayor and BM Rodrigo Alanano and Mayor Neil Credo in their effort to protect and preserve dauin marine and environmental resources.
    we are proud to be dauinanons and keep up the good work.
    we suggest to declare dauin as a CRM destination for global recognition.
    we also suggest that dauin officials should recognize/declare MARCELO CREDO as the first alcalde of dauin and build a monument in honor of his name. zaldy rc montebon, secretary general zambasulta.

  5. we also suggest to Mayor Neil the following:
    1. to establish in dauin a senior citizens building with sports benefits and incentives.
    2. to establish a vehicle terminal and a hostile.
    3. to establish a wet and dry market. While, the old market will be developed into a 3-story floor. First floor for fruits and vegetables section, second floor for fish sector , and third floor for meat section. Alll with washing areas. A section also for pa-initan and pasalubong.
    4. to establish information and livelihood training centers in the barangays.
    5. to expand dauin municipal building to accommodate large activities.
    6. to further promote dauin heritage and culture for tourism development.
    7. to strengthen education and scholarship, health and sanitation, law and order, environmental protection, housing, tourism, livelihood programs, infrastructure and all other basic human and community needs.
    We hope all of these could be realized for the good of the people of dauin. And dauin should have a master development plan incorporating all the mentioned development initiatives. zaldy montebon

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