Mount Pulag (or sometimes Mount Pulog) is highest mountain in Luzon and the second-highest mountain in the Philippines with an elevation of 2,922 metres (9,586 ft). The borders between the provinces of Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya meet at the mountain’s peak.

The climate on Mt. Pulag is tropical with rains predominating the whole year and August being the wettest month with an average rainfall of 1,135 mm.

The mountain hosts 528 documented plant species. It is the natural habitat of the endemic dwarf bamboo and the Benguet pine. Among its native wildlife are 33 bird species and several threatened mammals such as Philippine deer, giant bushy-tailed cloud rat and long-haired fruit bat.

On February 20, 1987, a large part of the mountain was designated as a National Park with Proclamation No. 75. This act aims to preserve the environment around the mountain due to threats from increased development such as conversion to agricultural lands, timber production, hunting, and increased tourism. The indigenous people of Benguet consider the mountain to be a sacred place.

Climbing Mt. Pulag is fairly easy if you pass through the Ambangeg-Babadak trail which is for amateur climbers. If you are a seasoned climber, take the challenging route and go for the steep 25 km “killer” Akiki trail.

Reference : โ€œMount Pulag.โ€ MountaiNet Philippines

2006 TRIP

img_1785-copy.jpg img_1690-copy.jpg img_1759-copy.jpg img_1764-copy.jpg img_1770-copy.jpg dam.jpg mt-pulag-2006-002-copy.jpg img_1695-copy.jpg img_1697-copy.jpg img_1699-copy.jpg img_1701-copy.jpg img_1703-copy.jpg img_1704-copy.jpg img_1706-copy.jpg img_1712-copy.jpg img_1715-copy.jpg mt-pulag-2006-040-copy.jpg mt-pulag-2006-044-copy.jpg mt-pulag-2006-057-copy.jpg img_1716-copy.jpg img_1719-copy.jpg img_1724-copy.jpg mt-pulag-2006-156-copy.jpg img_1734-copy.jpg mt-pulag-2006-098-copy.jpg mt-pulag-2006-120.jpg img_1733.jpg img_1735-copy.jpg img_1742-copy.jpg img_1746-copy.jpg img_1748-copy.jpg img_1749-copy.jpg mt-pulag-2006-135.jpg mt-pulag-2006-138.jpg img_1751-copy.jpg img_1755-c.jpg img_1694-copy.jpg img_1691-copy.jpg img_1729-copy.jpg img_1738-copy.jpg

The first time we climbed Mt. Pulag (I can’t recall the year)… we were able to reach it’s peak …. despite the lack of mountaineering experience and overloaded backpacks.

This time we came prepared (lighter backpacks, waterproof tents and hiking boots). But us fate would have it + a little help from the Diveshoppe “hunks” who annoyed the mountain gods once again, the storm decided to hit us straight on. We had no choice but to abort the summit assault and break camp by 3:30 am. The wind was howling angrily as we slowly descended the slippery and muddy trail to the Rangers Station. It was the longest downhill walk I ever had to endure.

My “waterproof” boots were squishy at the end of the trek… BUT…

Iโ€™m not ready to hang my hiking boots just yet ๐Ÿ™‚


Photography: Paz Santos & Jingle Chan



  1. One of my unforgetable experience.I keep on talking about it during short speeches to students about challenges in life.The 3P’s that got me up there; Preparation (got my tips from the guys who has been there) , Perseverance (there was no way turning back anyway),and Prayers (lots of it).

  2. Hey Tokwa, Baon namin ni Dave iyong tuna pesto pasta. Sa susunod nating akyat sa Pulag huwag na kayong maghubad ha, baka bagyuhin na naman tayo:)
    Hey Doc.You’re right about the 3P’s. Perseverance was what made me finish the uphill trek and it was prayers that kept us safe during our downhill trek in the middle of storm Queenie ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. yup,im guilty as charged. as one of the so called dive shoppe “hunks” in that pic, i can clearly remember it was drizzling with thin fog, and we did the unthinkable, we dared the Pulag gods,IS THIS ALL YOUVE GOT!??!…We got too quick a reply.. typhoon Queenie.. and hell freezes over.. it was dark, freezing and winds so strong it made the rain go horizontall..i was wet-down-to-my-undies, my butt was shaking uncontrollably!! retreat! it was a trek that seems to take forever….what a rush!!! hehehe.i guess adrenalin got me going there.. and also gina’s leftover pasta thanks…wouldnt do it again though… i mean the “daring and swearing” stuff at the peaks hehehe..nice blog

  4. thanks paz para sa pinaka masarap n tuna pesto pasta na nakain ko:P…promise no more burlesk…lintik na poncho..wala ako nun ksi, i thought im “hunk” enuf not to need it…had to cover myself with black garbage bags..YUP prayers of course, i guess the Pulag GODS forgave me for i can sing I MADE IT THROUGH THE RAIN!!!…;)

  5. Nice pictures….I hope that I can be a part of a climbing team, it seems that when your in the mountains you can find rest.

  6. You are welcome to join our group Rain. We usually schedule our climbs during the last quarter of the year when the climate is colder. Just keep on visiting our blog for announcements ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. hi doc orly ,

    you forgot another p= Porter

    peace dude

  8. How can I forget. Yun dapat ang unang-una. Anyway, baka next climb we will no longer need the porter. Hirap ang out of shape and chronologically challenged. In other words- old.

  9. Ang ganda naman ng mga pics… Kakatuwa… Mt. Pulag…. Grabe.. Masaya.. Mahirap.. Masakit.. Pagod….LAKAD..LAKAD.. LAKAD… second time na di na nadala…Hahaha.. But once you reach the top… Makakalimutan mo lahat yan…It’s like your in Heaven…. Truly an experience you won’t forget… O ano?? Everest naman… hahaha..

  10. MACHO HUNKS….hahaha.. binagyo tuloy….

  11. I remember that trip… when you made us eat chili beans para mautot tayong lahat. And you made carry tons of water to break our back just find out there’s abundance of water on top of the mountain. But you know pare I want to thank for all that trials and hardship we experience in that trip . Looking back now I wouldn’t have it any other way. It taught me life is hard and never to give up, in the end we reached our goals and we were all happy I was happy I made that trip with some of my very good friends. If i have to do it all again that early morning when Jingle was asking for my jacket. Hindi ko pa rin ibibigay magkakamatayan tayo…MAGINAAAAAAAWWWWWW

  12. Hey Mikki!!! Miss na namin kayo ni Tita Dolly. Kumusta na kayo diyan?

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