Palau lies 1,000 km (600 miles) east of the Philippines. It is world renown for marine bio-diversity and an abundance of large pelagic animals that includes schools of sharks and lots of manta rays, turtles on every dive, school of barracudas, elusive mandarin fish and lots of critters. Palau also offers exciting wreck diving with one of the Pacific’s largest collection of intact WWII shipwrecks and plane wrecks, snorkeling in the Jellyfish Lake and an unforgettable dolphin encounter in the Rock Islands. Palau is a divers dream! A true β€œone stop shop” when it comes to diving! Whatever your diving pleasure, level of interest or experience level, Palau diving is sure to please! The majority of diving in Palau consists of drift diving along the beautiful walls, plateaus and coral gardens of the outer barrier reef, a forty minute boat ride from Koror through the picturesque rock islands.

Reference: Palau Diving,

2005 TRIP

palau2005-258.jpg dsc00129.jpg palau2005-323.jpg palau2005-255.jpg palau-2005-canon-168-copy.jpg palau-2005-canon-169-copy.jpg palau-2005-canon-170-copy.jpg palau-2005-canon-172-copy.jpg dsc00126.jpg dsc00064.jpg dsc00033.jpg dsc00055.jpg dsc00049.jpg dsc00056.jpg dsc00044.jpg dsc00040.jpg dsc00122.jpg dsc00026.jpg palau2005-036.jpg palau2005-020.jpg palau2005-021.jpg palau2005-042.jpg palau2005-172.jpg palau-2005-canon-024.jpg palau2005-218.jpg palau2005-235.jpg palau-2005-canon-010-copy.jpg palau-2005-canon-215-copy.jpg palau-2005-canon-211-copy.jpg palau-2005-canon-032-copy.jpg palau-2005-canon-043-copy.jpg palau-2005-canon-141-copy.jpg palau-2005-canon-140-copy.jpg palau2005-243.jpg palau2005-287.jpg palau-2005-canon-106.jpg palau-2005-canon-153-copy.jpg palau-2005-canon-102-copy.jpg palau-2005-canon-120.jpg dsc00144.jpg palau-2005-canon-159-copy.jpg palau-2005-canon-030-copy.jpg palau2005-257.jpg palau2005-262.jpg palau2005-040.jpg palau2005-169.jpg palau2005-180.jpg palau-2005-canon-101-copy.jpg palau-2005-canon-137-copy.jpg palau-2005-canon-152-copy.jpg

Photography; Fritz, Tom Ventura & Dave Santos

2007 TRIP

img_0261.jpg img_0262.jpg img_0575.jpg img_0483.jpg img_0569.jpg img_0572.jpg img_0656.jpg img_0663.jpg ali-palua07.jpg img_0274.jpg img_0280.jpg img_0281.jpg img_0282.jpg img_0284.jpg img_0287.jpg img_0307.jpg img_0304.jpg img_0552.jpg img_0311.jpg img_0349.jpg jonet07.jpg img_0390.jpg img_0342.jpg img_0453.jpg img_0400.jpg img_0411.jpg img_0405.jpg img_0419.jpg img_0429.jpg jicky07.jpg img_0437.jpg img_0317.jpgimg_0441.jpg img_0521.jpg orly07.jpg img_0270.jpg img_0461-copy.jpg img_0466-copy.jpg img_0467-copy.jpg img_0474.jpg dvc00073-copy.jpg img_0359.jpg dvc00056-copy.jpg dvc00053-copy.jpg dvc00082-copy.jpg dvc00066-copy.jpg dvc00068-copy.jpg dvc00067-copy.jpg dvc00071-copy.jpg dvc00072-copy.jpg jonet-palau07.jpg dsc02347.jpg dsc02358.jpg dsc02352.jpgalipalau1.jpg alipalau2.jpg alipalau9.jpg alipalau3.jpg alipalau4.jpg alipalau6.jpg

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jonet, Orly, Ernan, Ali & Dave

2008 TRIP

PHOTOGRAPHY: Dave & Albert



  1. Congratulations to the creators of this site. It is truly entertaining and informative. Brings back good memories of Palau. Makes you want to visit again. Great work!
    P.S. You have my permission to upload my palau 2007 pics if you like.

  2. Thanks Doc for your heartwarming compliment and for giving your blessing on the Palau 2007 upload. I will upload them as soon as I get the CD from Dave. And also don’t forget to give us a copy of your Tubbataha trip as soon as you get back. Have a safe trip πŸ™‚

  3. Can’t wait to see Palau 2007 photos. πŸ˜€

  4. What can I say… the pictures in Palau says it all, and I can’t wait to dive again. In fact, soon after we got back, I was ready to book for the next trip. One of my best dive trips as of date. Many thanks to our tour and event coordinator, Dave Santos and DM Ernan.

  5. Wow! I have a photo with the jellies! THANKS TAY!

  6. March 26-31 2010 new trip to Palau !!!!!

  7. Added all details of the Palau dive sites and over 30 videos in Hope you find it useful… Thank you!!! πŸ™‚

  8. Great photos! I miss Palau so much! I was born there and grew up there and in Yap. If you’re interested in reading about my experiences living in the region, check out my blog at .
    Again, great job!

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