Location: Luzon, Philippines
Latitude and Longitude: 15.13° N, 120.35° E
Elevation: 1,485 m 4,900 ft
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano
Oldest Historic Eruption: 1315
Most Recent Eruption: 1992
Number of Eruptions in 20th Century: 2
Largest Eruption: 1991
Notable Feature(s): Ash cloud, lahars.
Notable Statistic: Second largest eruption of the 20th Century in terms of amount of material blown out of the vent. Affect on global weather. 722 deaths.


You only need a day to experience Mt. Pinatubo. It is accessible via Sta. Juliana, Capas, Tarlac which is about 1.5 to 2 hours drive from Metro Manila. Upon arrival, you register then hire a guide and 4 x 4 jeep to take you to either the original route or the newer “skyway”. The bumpy and dusty drive to the jump off point is about 1 hour from barangay Sta. Juliana. The original route will take around 2 to 3 hours of trekking while the skyway which is shorter will take only 45 minutes to 1.5 hours of trekking before you reach the crater.

The first time I went to Pinatubo, I had to take the longer route because the “skyway” was undergoing repair because the heavy rains melted the lahar-made highway. The view was scenic all throughout, you’ll even see the famous “toblerone” hills. Make sure you bring water, light snacks, wear a hat and swim wear. Don’t fret when you hear the call of nature as there are makeshift “restrooms” along the way. You’ll know you’re nearing the end of your trek when you feel the cooler mountain breeze.

It is best to take the trip during the “ber” months when the crater pool turns aquamarine in color. Should you take a dip in the cool and refreshing pool after the long trek, be wary of snakes. While I was lazily treading in the middle of the crater enjoying the 360 degree view, my guide was frantically calling me to swim back because a snake was swimming towards me. Luckily, the snake decided to go back to shore and was immediately killed by the other guides. That incident did not stop me from going back a few months after with Dave, our kids and relatives. We ended our day with a soothing and relaxing shiatsu massage at the Pinatubo Spa.

I highly recommend the Pinatubo experience. If you are interested, do let us know so we can make the necessary arrangements 🙂

pinatubo1.jpg pinatubo23.jpg pinatubo50.jpg pinatubo49.jpg pinatubo2.jpg pinatubo3pg.jpg pinatubo22.jpg pinatubo24.jpg pinatubo48.jpg pinatubo28.jpg pinatubo44.jpg pinatubo29.jpg pinatubo4.jpg pinatubo5.jpg pinatubo6.jpg pinatubo20.jpg pinatubo21.jpg pinatubo26.jpg pinatubo27.jpg pinatubo30.jpg pinatubo31.jpg pinatubo32.jpg pinatubo7.jpg pinatubo8.jpg pinatubo10.jpg pinatubo12.jpg pinatubo16.jpg pinatubo17.jpg pinatubo13.jpg pinatubo15.jpg pinatubo19.jpg pinatubo33.jpg pinatubo34.jpg pinatubo35.jpg pinatubo36.jpg pinatubo37.jpg pinatubo38.jpg pinatubo41.jpg pinatubo43.jpg pinatubo40.jpg pinatubo46.jpg pinatubo45.jpg

PHOTOGRAPHY: Paz Santos (Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines)



  1. nay,
    pano magbook ng pinatubo?
    gusto sana namin ng friends ko. 😀

  2. wawa naman ng ahas pinatay.. ='(

  3. mt pina is very nice just went there yesterdfay, as far as the snakes stop worrying i’ve caught 7 species while there andf none was aggressive, the longest i caught lookedf similar to the n. american garter snake. di do not promote the killing ofd these snakes however if you’re unknowledfgeable of them just respect their space andf don’t encourage natives tokill anymore for this takes away from the natural beauty. enjoy dfon’t dfisturb, i strongly recomendf this volcano along with taal.

  4. How can i book for mt. pinatubo trip? What’s the best hotel to stay for the weekend?

    • How can i book for mt. pinatubo trip?

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