Crystal Blue Resort

CRYSTAL BLUE RESORT is located in Bagalangit, Mabini, Batangas fronting the Arthur’s Rock Marine Sanctuary. It’s operational for a year now and boasts of beautifully appointed single-bed to family rooms. The airconditioned rooms have a panoramic view of the sea and equipped with it’s own private toilet/bathtub complete with towels and toiletries and intercom. They have a separate open air restaurant and an airconditioned bar where you can sing while enjoying your wine and other beverages. The dive shop and diving facility is conveniently located right in front of the beach.

To further unwind after diving, snorkeling or jet skiing, you can soak in the jacuzzi overlooking the bay. They offer a wide variety of food ranging from Seafood, Oriental, Continental and Filipino cuisine. I enjoyed the sumptuous and spicy Thai Cuisine they served for dinner. Their staff are polite and well trained. Agnes, the manager and sister of the owner is very friendly and hospitable and very much open to comments and suggestions from their guests.

If you are looking for quality and hotel type of accommodation without the high price tag, this resort is for you.

crystal1.jpg crystal3.jpg crystal5.jpg crystal13.jpg crystal9.jpg crystal42.jpg crystal45.jpg crystal33.jpg crystal31.jpg crystal6.jpg crystal7.jpg crystal14.jpg crystal34.jpg crystal15.jpg crystal8.jpg crystal48.jpg crystal35.jpg crystal11.jpg crystal50.jpg crystal36.jpg crystal51.jpg crystal39.jpg crystal38.jpg crystal41.jpg crystal4.jpg crystal2.jpg crystal19.jpg crystal54.jpg crystal52.jpg crystal55.jpgcrystal21.jpg crystal25.jpg crystal27.jpg crystal29.jpg crystal28.jpg crystal32.jpg crystal30.jpg crystal44.jpg crystal23.jpg crystal24.jpg crystal22.jpg crystal37.jpg




  1. And the best part is! upon arrival, you get a welcome Iced Tea! It would have been better if a Tanduay mixed with Coke was the welcome drink, but thanks to Albert, he got us covered on that. hehe

  2. Wowowie….talap talap naman. Tapos dito pa pala ung reunion natin on 09/08-09/09. San po pala etong resort nato sa Mabini, Anilao?

    thanks 🙂

  3. right next to arthurs resort

  4. Crystal Blue Resort is located between Pier Uno and Planet Dive. It’s house reef is the Arthur’s Rock. Other dive sites close to the resort are Koala, Cathedral and Twin Rocks.

  5. Maganda naman pala ang resort. Tamang tama weekday, walang masyadong pwedeng mag complain sa noise.

  6. weekday??? doc weekend yung 8-9

  7. sir, baka di natin kasabay si dok… hehehe… sino magpapa-inom? sayang ng lechon!

  8. pinapaayos nga ni doc yung beer sakin…suggestion ko sa resort nalang ok naman price wala pang hassle…chip in nalang tayo.

  9. Oo nga pala weekend. Well ok pa rin. Bka sama ko na lang ang mga kids ko if they like. Can we rent a room 4 overnite?

  10. Ilan ba kayo lahat? There are two family rooms available which is good for 5 while the double bed room is good for 4. One family room will be assigned to Charles and family. Please text Dave asap if you want the family room so he can reserve it now. Andoon siya ngayon. Solo nga daw nila ang resort this weekend. Apat lang sila.

  11. hello paz! are you paz santos? the one who took the pics above? i just would like to ask permission to use some of yoour shots to a website that we’re currently developing. can we use your shots from crystal blue resort? i hope you will allow us to use your shots and we might give you credits if possible.
    i hope you could hit me back with a positive response. thanks a lot and Godspeed.

    Brother Ken

  12. Hi Ken! Yes, I’m Paz Santos. May I ask what website you are currently developing that would need some of the shots I took of Crystal Blue Resort. What particular picture are you interested in?

  13. Hi Paz! Thanks for the quick hitback. Actually, we’re working on the Crystal Blue Resort website. And if there’s any possibility that you could extend your shots to be used for the website, we would be very grateful and have your shots credited in the website if possible. Well, we’re actually looking for spectacular shots and panoramic captures. How big are the original shots? To be honest, we need all the shots of the resort. 🙂

    I’ll be waiting for your real-time response. Hehehe… Thanks a lot and Godspeed!

    Brother Ken

  14. Hello once again Paz! Just a follow-up. I hope you can also lend us the underwater shots taken from Arthur’s Rock Marine Sanctuary because that will be featured in Scuba section. Thanks once again and have a great day! 🙂

    Brother Ken

  15. The original pictures are 2048 x 1536. You can use my shots for both the Crystal Blue Resort & Arthur’s Rock for as long as you give proper credit and link our site to your website. We- the Diveshoppe family- recently had our reunion and International Coastal Clean-up at the Crystal Blue and have enjoyed our stay in the resort. I highly recommend the resort to divers and non-divers alike. Great accommodation and service !!! 🙂

  16. Hi Paz! Okay, the original size is just perfectly fine! Thank you for granting permission to use your shots! I’ve also asked permission from Erik Ong (who also made captures and posted them in Flickr) and he said yes. You can expect the proper credits for using your shots and a link to your site since we are aiming to promote diving. And we may feature you in the news and updates section. By the way, how many pictures are there all-in-all for Crystal Blue and Arthur’s Rock? I hope you could send it to us through my email witht he same dimensions so that we could spot the spectacular shots and post it on the main page with visible credits pointing to you. 🙂
    Good to hear that you’ve enjoyed your stay in Crystal Blue Resort. You may end up in testimonial section as well!
    Once again, thanks a lot and Godspeed to you and your diving family!

  17. Dear Ken,
    You may start downloading pictures of Arthur’s by clicking on the pictures. As for the Crystal Blue original pictures, I’m planning to send you around 35 pictures/30 mb. Can your email handle it? If not I can resize them.

  18. Hello Paz! Long time no hear from you. How’s everything going? By the way, I tried to use the images posted here in the site, but the quality is really not that nice because of too much compression i think. The original copies of shots may be a great help. If it’s possible for you to send us the original shots which have been resized to at least 1024 width, that would be very helpful and much appreciated. As of now, we are still looking for fantastic shots of the resort and if you know some guys from your team who has the shots of the resort, please let me know or ask them if they could lend their shots for the common good. By the way, you can send to me the pictures in this address:!
    Thanks a lot and Godspeed! 🙂

  19. Hi Ken! Will resize the original pictures to at least 1024 width. Will send them this weekend 🙂

  20. Hi Ken! I just sent the resized photos. I hope they do justice to your website and Crystal Blue Resort. Cheers 🙂

  21. Hi! tita Paz its me angel! we miss u guyz ssssssoooooooooo much. Hope to see u soon. sana mag dive ulet kayo next year. Or sana every year tayo mag dive.


  22. Hi! Angel.
    Malapit na tayo mag-kita ng mas madalas lalo na pag-lumipat na kayo dito sa Manila.
    Hopefully during the summer break, we can all go diving together.
    Sorry, I haven’t posted our Santos Family dive pics, I’ve been pretty busy with work.
    Hopefully I’ll be able to start blogging again this weekend 🙂

  23. guys friendly reminders check your breaks pag punta nyo sa crystal napaka tarik ng daan dyan ingat!

  24. congrats nga pala sa manager ng crystal take goodcare of your wife…

  25. Hi Tita Pas! MISS U GUYS!!!!!!!!!! I wish we could come back there next year or this summer! I wish i could have dived the last time….. But i thought i was to young but Rocky is younger than me…. And i was also scared eh…… HAHAHAHAHa!!!! See you soon!!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!!

  26. Hi,

    Can you please give me some details on your overnight dive package. We are looking forward on diving this long weekend. Your fast response will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you very much

  27. Hi Imelda, rooms at Crystal Blue are for P3500 for over night stay this includes breakfast for 2 pax. Other meals are P450/ meal this is buffet. Room can actually fit up to 4 persons. Usually for 1 weekend, 4 dives 4 meals You will usually spend around P5500. This depends on the number of divers because we divide the expenses for boat and divemaster fee. This also includes your tanks and dive permits. Crystal Blue is a very nice resort and they have very good food, friendly staff and airconditioned rooms with super clean bathrooms.

  28. Hi,

    Are you a pet-friendly resort? We have a dog that we want to bring with us for a short holiday.

    • The resort is pet friendly. Several guests have brought their beloved pets for a vacation without a problem.

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