Pier Uno Resort

PIER UNO RESORT is a family owned resort offering airconditioned kubos and casitas with private toilet & bath and 24 hour hot & cold shower. It is one of the newer resorts located in Solo, Mabini, Batangas. The closest dive site is Basura. They have comfortable beds and clean bathrooms but the quality and quantity of their meals need improvement.

pier9.jpg pier6.jpg pier5.jpg pier11.jpg pier7.jpg pier8.jpg pier10.jpg pier12.jpg pier29.jpg pier32.jpg pier33.jpg pier34.jpg pier13.jpg pier1.jpg pier3.jpg pier4.jpg pier17.jpg pier31.jpg pier30.jpg pier19.jpg pier18.jpg pier16.jpg pier27.jpg pier36.jpg pier28.jpg pier14.jpg pier24.jpg pier25.jpg pier20.jpg pier21.jpg pier22.jpg

PHOTOGRAPHY: Paz Santos (Anilao, Batangas, Philippines)



  1. hi Ms Paz,

    iM BENJIE and im work with pier uno to improve their website. I like to post your selected pictures in their website, can i borrow any of your pics to post and design in our website?

    • Hi Benjie,

      Sure you can use my pictures but it may not be updated since they were taken several years ago. Anyway just acknowledge me in their website, if you still would like to use my photos.


      • Hi Ms. Paz, can i have your ” baby squib” photo
        in high resolution to print in glossy poster size and hang on my wall as my private collection. of course, i didn’t edit your name.

        you can email me at bay_benjie@yahoo.com

        Thank you very much and God Bless your Family!

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