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Ticao Pass is a body of water within the area of Burias Island, Sorsogon, and Ticao Island which has the thickest concentration of plankton in the Philippines. The strong currents of San Bernardino Strait push large groups of plankton and other organisms to gather in the area. Ticao Pass and the surrounding areas are not new to divers. It has underwater beauty comparable to the richness of other famous dive sites in the country.

The discovery started when a group of scuba divers headed by Conrad Paz gathered to survey the reefs of Ticao Pass. During their first dive, they witnessed a few manta rays on their regular feeding time. Based on their recorded encounter, the divers returned repeatedly and found out that the numbers increased through June of 2003. Few more observations have been conducted, they arrived on definite idea that these fleeting giants reach the cold water of Bicol from March thru July.

New places beneath Ticao Pass such as deep walls and caves have been discovered. The most appealing site is what they called Manta Bowl- a depression in the shallow part of Ticao Pass where manta rays gather to feed. At the time of survey, divers spotted 15 manta rays on every group where “manta inhabitants” were mostly mixed gigantic specimens with over 12’ wingspans and passing juveniles rushing across.

Since Manta Bowl can be easily reached at 15m/50ft, which by any standard practically shallow, divers will have the chance to enjoy watching the mantas at satisfying bottom time. Bulan dive operators organized a Nitrox blending station in April 2004 to give certified divers even longer interaction with these fleeting underwater creatures of Ticao Pass.

Aside from the Manta Bowl, there are other reefs recently discovered and still to be named. The other reefs worth diving are the Coral Garden, House Reef and Rentees Reef.

To get there by air, Philippine Airlines, Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific have regular flights from Manila to Legazpi City. By land, Philtranco Bus Co. has regular trips to Bulan, Sorsogon. The trip takes about 12 hours. From Bulan, a thirty minute boat ride will take you to the park of these magnificent giants.

REFERENCE: Camperspoint

2007 TRIP

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Ali, Dave & Paz (Ticao, Sorsogon, Philippines)



  1. UY, Pasaway Group representatives..send us your photos! 🙂

  2. OPO..send ko sa inyo yung beautiful pictures ng Manta NAMIN… hahaha puwede ba video dito?

  3. Join the diveshoppe multiply and you can upload your photos and videos. The link is located at the bottom right side of the blog and in the Home Page. Just click on the link.

  4. no photos of the mantas?

  5. My battery conked out by the time I saw the huge manta 😦

  6. Hello. Any recommended dive operators? Where are the dive operators located, Bulan or Ticao Island?

    Is it doable as a day-trip dive? Meaning can we still go backto Sorsogon proper after the dive?

    Average dive rates? Is February a good time to see the mantas?

    Thanks so much!

  7. Hello. Any dive operator we can contact?

  8. nice,,.awesome..GREAT discovery…CONGRATS

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