Source: www.tubbatahareef.org


TUBBATAHA REEF is a World Heritage Site and is a NO-TAKE  Marine Protected Area covering 96,828 hectares located in the middle of the Cagayan Ridge in Sulu Sea. It is comprised of the Jessie Beazley Reef, the South and the North Atoll. Tubbataha hosts 379 coral species (almost 90% of all the coral species in the Philippines), 481 fish species, 8 shark species as well as several species of resident breeding seabirds. Huge groupers, napoleon wrasses and tunas, grey reef sharks, green sea turtles, lobsters, mantas, marble rays and stingrays, walls of barracudas, snappers and the occasional whale shark and hammerhead sharks can be sighted. Since it is located right in the middle of Sulu Sea, the sea can be very unpredictable. Diving at the Tubbataha Reef can only be done between the months of March to June when the sea is much calmer.

2005 TRIP

035.jpg th_dsc09033.jpg 158.jpg 065.jpg mark-paz.jpg 183.jpg kidlets.jpg 163.jpg 090.jpg 173.jpg 029.jpg the-girls.jpg th_dsc09065.jpg t14.jpg 140.jpg t23.jpg 044.jpg th_dsc09063.jpg th_dsc08265.jpg t19.jpg flag.jpg t66.jpg t72.jpg th_img_4918.jpg th_img_4899.jpg th_img_4932.jpg t70.jpg th_img_4926.jpg t75.jpg t73.jpg

PHOTOGRAPHY: Remy. Coh, Albert, Tanya & Paz (Tubbataha, Philippines)



  1. wow! so perfectly beautiful…
    thank god tubbataha is protected.

  2. A real Marine Santuary…….:D

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