The Chico River is considered the umbilical cord or River of Life for the Kalingas. Its headwaters emanate from Mt. Data and span the whole of Central Kalinga. From the First Put-In in Tinglayan to the Tabuk Take-out is approximately 72 kilometers. To the Kalingas it is popularly called “KAYAKAYAM” which means crawl but it was given the name Chico Rio by the Spaniard to differentiate it from the Rio Grande of the Cagayan.

Rafting in Kalinga can be done throughout the year and is ideal, from June through early January, with other dates possible dependent on water level.
Depending on the season that we have in the country, water levels at the Chico River is generally of class III and IV based on International Scale of difficulty. The following are the classes of rapids:

  • Class I – Easy – river is flat with clear passages and no serious obstacles. Ideal for photo opportunities.
  • Class II – Medium-rapids of moderate difficulty with clear passages.
  • Class III – Intermediate/Difficult -waves are numerous, high, irregular, rocks, eddies, rapids with passages clear, though narrow, requiring experience in maneuvering.
  • Class IV – Very difficult- long rapids, powerful waves, irregular, dangerous rocks, boiling eddies, powerful and precise maneuvering required.
  • Class V – extremely difficult, exceedingly long and violent rapids following each other, riverbed seriously obstructed, big drops, violent current and steep gradient requiring skillful and precise maneuvering.
  • Class VI – Unrunnable , risking life and limb.

Reference:. Chico River Quest Inc

2003 TRIP

jeep1.jpg 16150033.jpg 16150037.jpg 16150038.jpg 06400021.jpg orientation1.jpg 06400023.jpg pasil1.jpg ted1.jpg ted2.jpg kalinga2.jpg kalinga4.jpg high5.jpg 06400022.jpg 06400024.jpg 06400025.jpg waterfall2.jpg waterfall3.jpg waterfall4.jpg waterfall-1.jpg 16150022.jpg 16150014.jpg 16150001.jpg 06400030.jpg

It’s been years since our last whitewater rafting adventure.

Rainy season is coming…




  1. ***gusto ko talagang makarating sa kalinga…i love it, promise…nakaka impress ang mga kultura o paniniwala nila…ang gaganda pa ng mga tanawin doon…yay, sana makapunta ako doon…

  2. O white water rafting naman!!! Tapos medical mission din sa kalinga…

  3. masarap dito pag tag ulan!!

  4. Gusto ko mag white water rafting!!! Sa totoo lang noh, I’m scared coz dangerous daw but if Sir dave will be the one to accompany me, game ako!!! Hope matuloy tayo para maiba naman!!! Mukhang challenging eh.

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