Arthur’s Rock

Arthur’s Rock is another marine sanctuary in Bagalangit, Mabini, Batangas named after the diver/owner of Arthur’s Place Dive Resort. It is located right in front of Crystal Blue Resort. This dive site is ideal for novice divers. It has an average depth of 33 feet and maximum depth of 70 feet. It offers plenty of small reef fishes, nudibranchs, soft corals, sponges and feather stars.

arthur2.jpg arthur3.jpg arthur10.jpg arthur19.jpg arthur33.jpg arthur21.jpg arthur35.jpg arthur36.jpg arthur42.jpg arthur34.jpg arthur20.jpg arthur41.jpg arthur4.jpg arthur40.jpg arthur22.jpg arthur6.jpg arthur28.jpg arthur5.jpg arthur9.jpg arthur13.jpg arthur17.jpg arthur26.jpg arthur23.jpg arthur30.jpg arthur24.jpg arthur31.jpg arthur8.jpg arthur1.jpg arthur32.jpg arthur25.jpg arthur39.jpg

PHOTOGRAPHY: Paz Santos (Anilao, Batangas, Philippines)



  1. wow ganda!

  2. Thanks Nancy 🙂

  3. […] For two consecutive weekends, I was able to join Dave’s Advanced Check-out night dives done in Arthur’s Rock. […]

  4. your pictures of the beauty of anilao’s underwater view is really beautiful! thank you for helping us promote the tourism industry in MABINI!

    • Thanks Nini. Anilao is my favorite diving destination and it never fails to amaze me. There are still so many critters waiting to be discovered in Anilao.

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